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The following RRS-based automotive news articles are published by other sites and are included here as a convenience to you.
NYT > Automobiles as of Fri, 19 Sep 2014 22:01:42 GMT
Greentech: Coal Fades, So Electrics Get Cleaner
An analysis by the Union of Concerned Scientists showed that, for the majority of the country, electric vehicles are cleaner than even the most efficient hybrids.
Design: High-Tech Grace Notes Alter the Driving Experience
Today’s automobiles are beeping and chirping at us, raising lights like stage curtains, playing little movies on our screens and serenading us with theme melodies.
Seized and Sold: The Marshal Holds a Muscle Car Auction
A valuable muscle car collection seized by the United States Marshals was auctioned in a few-frills affair in Lodi, N.J., netting about $2.5 million.
Behind the Wheel: Review: 2015 Cadillac Escalade
The 2015 Escalade remains mostly unchanged, a cartoonish rear-drive barge laden with the pomp and pretension that used to be Cadillac’s mainstay.
Detroit Muscle in a Jersey Warehouse
The setting may have lacked the glamor of Pebble Beach or Amelia Island, but the cars being offered at a U.S. Marshals auction in Lodi, N.J., were blue-chip collectibles.
2015 Cadillac Escalade
Its glory days of the mid-2000s are long past, but the redesigned Cadillac Escalade seems content to coast on its reputation.
Ian Callum's Jaguar Mark 2
When Jaguar’s design director ordered up a special model of the classic Mark 2, it was for his own use. Now a limited run is planned.
Lawsuit Seeks Stricter Rules for Truck Driver Training
A group of safety advocates sued the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, saying the agency has been too slow in strengthening training requirements for commercial big-rig operators.
Wheelies: The Lotus Layoffs Edition
Group Lotus says it may have to cut up to 325 jobs; Fiat Chrysler’s new global headquarters will be in London’s upscale West End.
Wheelies: The Top Secret Edition
A new Porsche Museum exhibit displays concept cars and prototypes over the decades; the Toyota Tundra will go all-V8 for 2015.
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