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Media Q&A

Answers to Common Media Questions

In the following paragraphs, you will find answers to the most commonly asked media questions.
What is is the user-friendly, customer focused web site designed to empower consumers with trustworthy and complete information surrounding the researching, financing, buying and driving experience.

How does the service work?
We do this by using the Internet to provide consumers with knowledge-based content, products and services in a convenient, fast and easy online community. A user-friendly approach, developed by a company that specializes in creating the ultimate in online consumer experiences, prompts consumers through a series of basic steps to pre-qualify for a loan or to provide a wide array of useful information. Our services and site are organized along the lines of the Research-Finance-Buy-Drive aspects of the vehicle ownership lifecycle.

What makes the added steps of seeking out and arranging vehicle financing valuable when consumers often can one-stop shop their financing where they purchase their car or truck? is about providing consumers with additional choices in vehicle financing. Individual dealers may not always have financing relationships that fit the specific needs and histories of all applicants. is designed to access many times more financing sources than typically are available in a dealer's financing office. Some consumers will prefer the broad selection of lenders available with, while others will continue to finance at the dealer. Again, it's all about choice.

What makes different from other online lenders or the web-based services provided by traditional banks or other consumer finance providers? specializes in general information on vehicle financing and ownership – we do not get into mortgages, non-vehicle or other types of credit or loans. Likewise, we do not focus on any particular level of credit score or candidate credit experience. We are not a bank or a finance company making loans – we facilitate the connection of prospective borrowers for vehicle purchases with a variety of companies that serve clients with widely differing credit scores and histories. Accordingly, we are in a very unique market space.

How do consumers know that the information you collect won't be shared with spammers or contribute to the growing identity-theft problem?
First, we have a strict code-of-conduct we impose on ourselves, as well as on the companies with which we align to provide the broadest possible service set to consumers involved in some aspect of the vehicle ownership lifecycle. Second, with all of the attention of both regulators and consumers, themselves, any firm that doesn't adhere to the highest standards of privacy and respect will rapidly be driven out of business.

How can you assure consumers that their information is technically safe with your company?
Our technical facilities are owned and controlled by persons and companies with an ownership interest in We use the latest in security practices and processes, in both the browser-based and facilities-based aspects of our company.

Where does get the funds to lend to these consumers?
Again, is not a bank, finance or credit company. We have created relationships with numerous national lenders that, collectively, provide consumer financing of vehicles across the entire spectrum of credit scores and histories. Think of us not as a direct financer but as a matchmaking service between lenders and borrowers, and one that can do much beyond just the financing aspects of the total vehicle ownership experience.
For more information or assistance in contacting a Subject Matter Expert, contact:

Dale Peterson
214-540-3352 (Office)

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