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HDF Launches Motorcycle Finance Platform with

After successfully transforming and improving the way people shop for auto loans online, Horizon Digital Finance turned to motorcycle financing to offer multiple real time loan offers online with, a direct-to-customer, Internet-based motorcycle financing marketplace.

Irving, TX (PRWEB) June 27, 2007
After successfully enhancing the way people shop for auto loans online with, Horizon Digital Finance turned to motorcycle financing and has successfully launched

Consumers wanting to finance their purchase of a new or used motorcycle from a franchised dealer, private party seller or refinance an existing motorcycle can now apply for a motorcycle loan online. The site is a direct-to-customer, Internet-based financing marketplace that provides customers with online, real time motorcycle loans.

Customers applying on receive, in real time, up to four motorcycle loan offers from national lending institutions and banks offering competitive interest rates and terms. By offering motorcycle financing, Horizon Digital Finance strengthens their product line offering to both consumers and its participating lender base.

"Adding motorcycle financing to our direct lending marketplace platform adds value not only to our customers but additionally strengthens our position with lenders participating on our Preferred Placement® direct lending marketplace platform," said Greg Thibodeau, CEO of Horizon Digital Finance. "We now have direct-to-consumer financing products covering the mainstream transportation industry and can help our customers find the right financing in a stress-free, private and secure environment."
One of the mistakes motorcycles buyers make is shopping for a motorcycle before they start shopping for a loan. It's difficult to shop when a buyer doesn't know how much money a lender will be willing to give them. Although they can get loans from dealerships, chances are the interest rates will be higher than they would be if a buyer had gone through a direct financial lending institution. Because of this, it's best to look for a loan first. is an Internet-based motorcycle financing marketplace utilizing Preferred Placement® technology. By visiting, a potential buyer can find a number of potential real loan offers. is an exclusive lending platform. New lender availability is limited and restricted. Call 1-214-540-3350 or visit to:
 Get information on joining the lending platform
 Find more on motorcycle financing options
 Obtain motorcycle financing

About Horizon Digital Finance, LLC
Horizon Digital Finance, LLC is a direct-to-customer, Internet-based lifestyle financing marketplace utilizing Preferred Placement® technology and processes. Preferred Placement® enables consumers obtain auto and motorcycle loan financing with real lenders providing real loans in real time and matches new and used purchase customers with participating qualified franchised dealers through their Preferred Dealer Network.

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