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Automotive News

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The following RRS-based automotive news articles are published by other sites and are included here as a convenience to you.
NYT > Automobiles as of Thu, 30 Jul 2015 20:07:32 GMT
Jeremy Clarkson, Former ‘Top Gear’ Host, Announces Deal With Amazon
Mr. Clarkson, a popular TV personality whose contract with the BBC ended in March, said on Twitter that he would film a new show with his former co-hosts.
Driven: Video Review: Honda Takes Different Path With the Accord Hybrid
The Accord has the appearance of gas-only models, but inside is a lithium-ion battery and a gas-electric system that is unlike other hybrids.
Ford’s Profits Jump 44%, Soaring Past Forecasts
The automaker reported record profit in North America and an overall $1.9 billion in net income in the quarter.
Another Peek at Margaret Dunning and Her 1930 Packard
Ms. Dunning, a centenarian who traveled around the country to car shows, died on May 17. In 2011, she was the subject of a New York Times video.
Big Fine for Fiat Chrysler, Then Further Penalties to Set Example for Industry
The automaker could pay up to $105 million in addition to giving authority to an independent safety monitor, buying back defective vehicles and paying consumers to participate in a Jeep recall.
Fiat Chrysler Gets Record $105 Million Fine for Safety Issues
Federal regulators on Sunday levied a record penalty against Fiat Chrysler Automobiles for failing to complete 23 safety recalls covering more than 11 million vehicles.
Fiat Chrysler to Recall Pickup Trucks With Problematic Airbags
The recall includes about 667,000 vehicles in the United States and covers the Ram 1500, 2500 and 3500 from the 2013-15 model years.
Fiat Chrysler Issues Recall Over Hacking
The news that two researchers had hacked into a Jeep Cherokee, set in motion a nine-day flurry of activity by the automaker and the safety agency that culminated in the recall of 1.4 million vehicles.
Wheels: The Web-Connected Car Is Cool, Until Hackers Cut Your Brakes
A pair of researchers said that they had hacked a Jeep Cherokee through its Internet-connected system, allowing them to take control of the engine, brakes and even steering.
G.M. Earnings Soar in 2nd Quarter
The nation’s largest automaker earned $1.12 billion during the quarter, despite allowances for asset write-downs and currency fluctuations.
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