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No Matter the Brand, Europe’s Diesels Flunked a Pollution Test
Even before the Volkswagen scandal, European regulators were finding better emissions when a vehicle was tested in the lab than during road tests.
Federal Inquiry Widens Over Fiat Chrysler Roll-Away Complaints
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said certain vehicles can roll away when the driver mistakenly thinks the transmission is set on “park.”
Dodges Recalled Because of Risks in Changing Tires
Fiat Chrysler Automobiles is recalling almost 505,000 2011-16 Dodge Chargers.
Lawyers Suing G.M. Over Defect Are Now Fighting Each Other
The lawyer who exposed the ignition problem urged a judge to remove the three plaintiffs’ lawyers leading the litigation, accusing them of bungling a trial.
Volkswagen, Reeling From Emissions Scandal, to Delay Earnings Report
The company will also postpone its shareholders meeting, as the German carmaker confronts official inquiries and potential lawsuits over the cheating.
G.M. Posts Record Profit of $9.7 Billion for 2015
The company said that its results in North America were the driving force behind its performance.
Yet Another Airbag Recall Will Affect Five Million
Vehicles made by automakers including Honda, Fiat Chrysler and Mercedes-Benz will be recalled to fix a defect in an airbag component from the German supplier Continental Automotive Systems.
Driven: Video Review: The BMW X5 xDrive40e, a Hybrid for the Future
The fuel savings may not offset the cost at today’s prices, but this well-engineered and smooth-driving S.U.V requires no other sacrifices of its owner.
Wheels: End of the Road May Be Near for Side Mirrors
Many automakers are demonstrating video systems that replace side mirrors with cameras, but it may take drivers some time to get used to them.
Honda Expands Recall of Takata Airbags as Its Longtime Partner’s Crisis Widens
The latest action, for 2.23 million vehicles, reveals just how much Honda, the automaker most affected by the defective airbags, continues to be haunted by them.
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