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The following recent content articles feature relevant information about auto finance and the lifecycle of buying a new or used vehicle. If you're looking for an auto loan don't forget to apply today. We make it easy for you to get the loan that's right for you. Visit our content articles section for additional tips and helpful information.

How to Lift Your Truck
By Mary Williams
Lifting a truck is surely not an easy task. If you have a truck, then you might know the real struggle and process too. But if you just got yourself a truck and are figuring out how to lift your truck?

How to Buy a Car After Bankruptcy
By Jeff Good
Every year, hundreds of thousands of people are forced to file for bankruptcy upon falling into financial hardships. It’s a difficult process for anyone who has to go through it, but one of the biggest concerns most people have while filing for bankruptcy lies in the uncertainty.

Benefits of Online Auto Financing
By Dale Peterson
Most people do not have the financial resources to pay for a new or used car out of pocket. As we all know, this is where an auto loan comes into the picture. Auto loans help you buy cars that cost more than you can afford with cash.

Online Car Buying: The “Price Too Good to Be True” scam
By Daniel William
Car scams are becoming a modern-day pain in the neck. What starts as an exciting shopping journey, can end up a complete disaster! The advent of technology has made our life easier. Unfortunately, it’s also made life easier for online fraudsters. So, what are the different types of car scams and how can you ward against them? Read on to find out.

Refinancing Your Auto Loan
By Dale Peterson
If you're looking to cut costs from your monthly budget, refinancing your vehicle loan is a great way to do it. By acquiring a new loan at a lower rate, you can reduce your monthly bills.

5 Personal Finance Tips for Paying Off Your Car Loan
By Abby Drexler
Approximately 70 percent of the people who purchase cars in the United States secure a car loan to do so. A loan that is used to purchase a car is one of the biggest financial responsibilities most people will bear in their lifetime.

10 Important Questions to Keep in Mind While Buying a Car
By Nathan Barnes
Buying a new car can be an overwhelming situation. Browsing in a dealership is about more than choosing a color, and making a wise investment is not as easy as picking a ride to go from point A to point B. However, hunting down for a fair priced vehicle and a perfect match for the user needs can be troublesome.

How COVID-19 Has Affected Your Car Loan
By Abby Drexler
If you've been pushed out of your regular work and lost your income due to COVID-19, be aware that there are many programs in place to help you defer the payments. Should you know that you're not going to be able to meet the next payment requirement, take care to contact your lender immediately.

FICO Score and Your Auto Loan
By Veronica Baxter
It's time for a new car. Whether you are yearning for that brand-new-car-smell or you are browsing certified, you are probably looking at the sticker prices and thinking, when did cars get so expensive?

Financing an Auto – Options available for Bad Credit
By Dale Peterson
With Pandemic abruptly changing our normal to abnormal, it is wreaking havoc with employment, and by extension, credit ratings. If you happen to be suffering with this problem, it sometimes feels embarrassing. The truth is, that that are many people who are in the same boat as you - with rising unemployment facing the business world – and let’s hope that it is short lived so we can find our new normal.

Save Money by Refinancing Car Loan During COVID-19
By Greg Thibodeau
If you've been financially impacted by the pandemic, now may be the perfect time to refinance your car loan. Interest rates are low and myAutoloan has options.

A Guide to Motorcycle Injury Claims
By Dennis Hernandez
Motorcycle accident injuries can be quite devastating. The nature of motorcycle collisions puts motorcycle riders in such a vulnerable position that 78.3% of all motorcycle accidents result in injuries. For automobiles, only 31% of accidents result in injuries. Just over 4% of all motorcycle accidents are fatal.

The Evolution of the Automobile Assembly Line
By Midnight Driver Co
At the height of the industrial revolution, an idea was made reality which would disrupt the course of history. An idea so profound that those who did not adapt would have to shut their doors. Arguably, the greatest invention of the 20th century: the assembly line.

Your Guide for Buying a Car During a Pandemic
By Abby Drexler
Buying a new car can be a stressful experience. Doing it during a pandemic, and that stress can be compounded. Here are a few steps to help you deal with the process.

Tips to Refinance Your Car Loan
By Dale Peterson
Car owners that struggle with their auto loan monthly payment are usually locked into a bad agreement. That is especially true if you did not do your homework before hand. Refinancing a car loan is one of the many ways to mitigate this common issue and it’s easier than you think to get better financing terms. In our current market, with pressure to provide for our family, refinancing could be a game changer. Although refinancing won't correct the mistake of the previous agreement, it is a necessary step to resolve payment issues and put you back into control. By getting the best deal upfront, you can balance how much your payments will be with an improved interest rate. It is easier than you think so let’s get started.

Rainy Days are Inevitable: Make Saving a Priority
By Marko Jovanovic
When you enter the workforce and start working on your career, you’ll realize something - having money of your own is an incredible feeling. Indeed, there’s absolutely nothing better than earning your own way in the world. However, if you want that good feeling to last, you need to be responsible with your money. You’d be surprised at the overall percentage of people who don’t think about saving money for emergencies in advance. And that’s something we’ll try to shine a light on here!

Using VIN Numbers To Check Car Accident History
By Douglas Parker
Spending your hard-earned cash on a vehicle is usually not made lightly. Not to mention, it's a necessity for the vast majority of us who use our vehicles to get to and from work. Using the VIN, you can check the vehicle for its reported history.

Car Buyer's Guide: Should I Buy a New or Used Car?
By Patrick Peterson
When buying a car, the decision revolves around new or used. They each have their own advantages. You have to plow through the options to figure out what works best for you.

How to Warn Yourself From the Fiasco When Buying a Car
By Ben Hartwig
For those who cannot afford to purchase a new vehicle, buying a used car can be a viable option. There are pros and cons, and additional steps you can take to help protect yourself and your new investment.

7 Reasons Uncle Sam Approves of Using Your Tax Refund to Buy a Car
By Greg Thibodeau
Can’t decide what to do with your tax refund check? Here are seven good reasons to put your tax refund toward a new car purchase. Learn more from myAutoloan.

7 Essential Tips on Financing Your First RV
By Marko Jovanovic
Once you’ve decided to buy an RV, there are plenty of considerations and preparations to make. When you’re making your budget, you need to have the big picture in mind. Here are some financial tips for the purchase of an entry-level RV!

How to Find the Most Affordable Auto Loan
By Dale Peterson
As it is for many people, just finding any car is simply not good enough. As we get more cautious and hesitant about our expenses, we need to make sure you are comparing and testing a broad spectrum of financing options.

3 Things to Know If You're Planning on Buying a Car in 2020
By Greg Thibodeau
Planning to buy a car in 2020? Check out this list of 2020 car buying trends for help buying the right car, at the right time, from the right place.

Used Car Loans For Subprime Borrowers
By Dale Peterson
Subprime borrowers looking for used cars are increasingly getting many financing options from many lenders. With more than one-fifth of the American population classified as having bad credit, it has become necessary for lenders to offer financing options to this group of people. The result has been the introduction of bad credit used car loans by most lenders.

Must Know Information About Auto Loans
By Dale Peterson
If you are thinking about purchasing a new car, chances are you are also thinking about automobile loans. Although purchasing a car outright in cash can save money on interest, it is very rare for someone to have $20,000 to $60,000 in cash lying around to splurge on a new car. At the same time, you should be careful about vehicle financing to ensure you get the best deal in the long run. You sign an awful lot of paperwork in a dealership finance office, and it can be easy to get confused. Here are a few things you should know about automobile loans to make the process easier.