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Electronic Disclosures is a Horizon Digital Finance LLC web site property (collectively referred to herein as "HDF").

The Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act requires your consent to receive certain disclosures electronically. Please read this Electronic Records Disclosure and Agreement ("Agreement") carefully and save or print a copy of the Agreement for your records.
All communications and disclosures with HDF and its participating Banks, Lenders, Finance Companies, Credit Unions, Dealerships and/or Affiliates (hereinafter called “Lenders”) are conducted electronically. However, if you wish to obtain a paper copy of any disclosure, you may write to HDF, 5005 W. Royal Lane, Suite 209, Irving, Texas 75063. We will not charge you a fee for a paper copy of the disclosure you request.
You must consent to receive disclosures electronically in order to complete the loan application process with HDF and its participating Lenders. Your consent will apply to your loan application form with HDF and its participating Lenders and our continued relationship as well as with any Lender participating with HDF from time to time. You may subsequently withdraw your consent by notifying HDF at Since HDF and its participating Lenders is structured to provide information in an electronic manner, withdrawing your consent to receive disclosures electronically will terminate your loan application process with HDF. You may withdraw your consent to do business electronically with our participating Lenders at no cost to you. You may do so by contacting the Lender at the mailing address, e-mail address or telephone number they provide to you.
To access HDF web sites and the participating Lenders and receive disclosures electronically, you must have the following:
• A personal computer or other access device which is capable of accessing the Internet and which can receive HTML files; and
• An Internet web browser which is capable of supporting 128-bit secure socket layer (SSL) encrypted communications, which requires a minimum web browser version of Microsoft® Internet Explorer version 5.5 or Netscape Navigator® version 4.7; and
• 128 bit SSL encryption software.
To retain any disclosures or other information provided by HDF and its participating Lenders your system must have the ability to either download to your hard drive or floppy diskette or print web pages as well as embedded HTML files.

You should keep us informed of any change to your e-mail address or your physical address. You may notify us of these changes by e-mail at

Clicking the "Submit" button constitutes your consent to receive disclosures electronically.

Last Updated: 01/15/2014
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