Auto Refinancing Often Overlooked for Car Loans

Although many people consider refinancing their homes, not many consider refinancing their cars. Refinancing an auto could save people hundreds of dollars over the course of their loan, and makes it easy for people to shop online for the best savings.
Many people routinely refinance their home mortgages. According to the August 17 study by the Mortgage Bankers Association, refinancing makes up 39.9 percent of all mortgage applications. However, many people overlook auto refinancing, according to "Obviously, people know that refinancing their mortgage can save them a lot of money in the long run," said Dale L Peterson, president of "However, not as many people consider refinancing an auto loan, and they may think they're stuck with a high interest rate and payments." Refinancing an auto loan can help people lower interest rates and drop monthly payments anywhere from $10 to $100. According to Peterson, a rate decrease of just 1 percent can save a person hundreds of dollars. "There are a number of reasons people may not get the best rates on an auto loan," said Peterson. "Many times it's because unfortunate things happen in life such as layoff and medical issues. Many people have made mistakes or have just had some bad luck happen to them that wrecked their credit rating." For people who have made strides towards improving their credit rating, refinancing is a viable option, according to Peterson. Unfortunately, the financing that they were able to get originally for a car was probably not the best. As we all know, the greater the risk, the higher the interest rate. "If you've gotten your credit rating back in order by reducing debt and you've been making your loan payments on time, refinancing an auto loan would save you a substantial amount of money," said Peterson. "And you'll probably find the best refinancing rates online, rather than at a bank or a credit union." For example, can deliver four auto refinancing offers in minutes from reputable, national financial institutions. "Some sites promise financing when in fact they are just trying to get your information and sell it," said Peterson. "At, we work with many banks and financial institutions to bring consumers up to four refinancing offers online so the customer can choose what is best for them. We partner with real lenders, who provide real loans in real time. By taking the time to look into refinancing an auto loan, people could save themselves hundreds of dollars that could go to paying the loan off faster, or any number of other things. For more information about refinancing a car loan, or to search for refinancing offers, visit About Us is a subsidiary of Horizon Digital Finance, L.L.C., and a nationally-licensed direct-to-customer, Internet-based auto financing marketplace utilizing Preferred Placement® technology and Preferred Dealer® auto lead processes. is quickly becoming a recognized leader of the online direct-to-customer lifestyle financing process by providing innovative technology-driven solutions. Offering a wide range of products and services to simplify the search for information and funding alternatives, consumers are provided with a secure, confidential process to obtain up to four loan offers. facilitates the matching of lenders based upon customer needs via proprietary analysis and evaluation that is called "Preferred Placement®."

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