myAutoloan Upgrades Auto Finance Sales Leads with Preferred Dealer Prgm has enhanced their successful Preferred Dealer® Program, having improved everything from invoicing to dealer set up and activation.
The Preferred Dealer Program, a quality referral program that an auto finance lead provider called "much overdue in the marketplace," supplies dealers connected with with a list of potential customers who are ready, willing and financially able to purchase a vehicle. The enhanced Preferred Dealer Program took effect in March 2007. "The approved customer has financing in hand and has the opportunity to go anywhere," said Dale L. Peterson, president of "We make a referral for both approved and qualified applicants to those dealers who are part of our program." Ever since the Preferred Dealer Program's inception in September 2005, has been looking at dealer network requests on how to better the system and processes. In the new program, the company has improved the invoicing process, simplified the Preferred Dealer Program sales agreement, and streamlined dealer set up and activation. "The Preferred Dealer Program is not a lead generation program, but an improved customer experience process that delivers customers seeking to purchase an auto that have been approved or qualified in advance for the dealer," said Greg Thibodeau, CEO of "This in turn produces one of the highest closing rates in the industry for the dealer, who has now reached a customer that they otherwise may not have seen. The benefit is that they sell more cars and the customers have a great car-buying experience." Where many sales leads for car dealerships are third party leads, the Preferred Dealer Program provides organic leads. These are customers who are already in the car-buying process and have taken steps to acquiring their own financing, and approximately 30 percent have qualified for it. Because a customer who has taken those steps is more likely to buy a car, the organic leads are more beneficial to a dealership. A multi-lending platform provides sales leads to the Preferred Dealer Program and offers a solution to poor lead quality, which is a problem that many auto dealers face. "The Preferred Dealer Program is a top choice for so many dealers because we are generating our own auto finance applications and delivering approved and qualified customers who are ready to buy," said Rory Holland, EVP Marketing at blueSky Marketing. "They aren't just interested. They are ready and willing to purchase a vehicle. These are top quality leads with valid contact information from people who are qualified and ready to buy." For more information about the Preferred Dealer Program, visit About® is a subsidiary of Horizon Digital Finance, L.L.C., and a nationally-licensed direct-to-customer, Internet-based auto financing marketplace utilizing Preferred Placement® technology and Preferred Dealer® auto lead processes. is quickly becoming a recognized leader of the online auto-buying life cycle process by providing innovative technology-driven solutions through "Powered by" and licensing opportunities. Horizon Digital Finance and are quickly becoming recognized leaders of the online direct-to-customer lifestyle financing process by providing innovative technology-driven solutions.

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