® Reaches Social Media Milestones with Facebook and Twitter, an online marketplace auto loan finance company reaches milestones in social media marketing in both Facebook and Twitter allowing it to maximize brand awareness, news, provide special offers and promotions, an online auto loan finance company, has reached social media milestones with Facebook and Twitter. With over 11k fans on Facebook and 32k followers on Twitter our social media reach is being optimized within these channels. "We are truly delighted to see our social media relevance increase to this level, this is confirmation that what we have and continue to develop is truly unique and adds value," said Greg Thibodeau, CEO of "Our social media strategy has taken years to accomplish but knowing that we have achieved these key milestones is, in its self, very gratifying." Our communication entails links to our online financing options, our auto finance blog as well as items of interest in regional and national news related to finance and auto loans. Feedback has been excellent as we often are able to answer questions on auto lending for our followers. We have a number of additional social media activities and opportunities underway which should further our optimization and relevance online. About is a registered trademark and a division of Horizon Digital Finance, L.L.C. which began operation in 2003. The company is a privately held, online auto loan finance company with a marketplace lending platform that includes direct-to-consumer and direct-to-indirect, internet-based financing that helps consumers take control of the research, financing and purchase processes for new and used auto loans, auto refinance loans, private party auto loans and lease buyout auto loans. Offering a wide range of products and services to simplify the search for information and funding alternatives, consumers are provided with a secure, confidential place to obtain up to four loan offers. facilitates the matching of lenders based upon customer needs via a patented proprietary analysis and evaluation process called Preferred Placement.

Editor Note: Formal and legal name of the company is; all appearances of this name should lead with a lower-case 'm'

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