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Your Security

Secure Web Pages
Every page on the myAutoloan.com web site that asks for your personal financial information is delivered to your browser through "https", a secure mode of communication. You can verify this security by looking for the Netscape "key" icon or Internet Explorer "lock" icon on your browser.

myAutoloan.com protects the transmission of your personal financial information by SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Technology. SSL does not allow anyone to intercept and read your personal information. When you send your information to us, SSL encrypts the data and only we can decode the encryption. Transmissions between myAutoloan.com and participating lenders are encrypted using public key cryptography algorithms with a minimum key size of 128 bits. This provides the most secure system available.

To enter your personalized myAutoloan.com account to check on the status of loan requests, you must first enter a password you created upon establishing the account. Select a password between six and ten characters, containing both numbers and letters, and keep it in a safe place. We will never ask for this password - Do not give your password to anyone.

We employ timely backups of all information on our site. We also use sophisticated intrusion detection software and monitor every visitor to our web site as a measure against malicious intrusion. Use the logout button when you exit the web site. Although myAutoloan.com logs you off automatically after a certain time of inactivity, we recommend you use the logout button before closing your browser. This prevents any further activity from taking place after you have left the site. Upon discovery of any unauthorized access, or should you ever discover that someone has accessed your account without your permission, please contact us immediately.

Should you have questions about this security policy, please contact us.

Privacy Policy

myAutoloan.com is a Horizon Digital Finance LLC web site property (collectively referred to herein as "HDF").

At Horizon Digital Finance (HDF) we value our customers' trust and confidence. HDF is dedicated to protecting the privacy of your personal information. This privacy policy outlines the safeguards we employ to protect your personal information and explains how we collect and use that information. We reserve the right to share, rent, sell, or otherwise disclose data we collect to third parties. We do so with the intent to provide you with additional information and support that may provide you additional financing options, vehicle pricing, products and services. We recognize the importance of your trust, and we greatly appreciate your business. Please read the following privacy policy.

Our Privacy Policy
This disclosure is our privacy policy. We want you to understand:
• Who we are
• How we collect your information
• How we share your information
• How we safeguard your information
• How long we retain your information
• Whether it's necessary to opt out
• Other Web sites' privacy policies

Who we are
HDF is an online lending marketplace for consumers seeking to purchase and finance a new or used vehicle or refinance an existing vehicle. We provide information and the ability to apply online for financing and pricing of automobiles. If approved, you can then choose a lender, financing and or dealer that satisfy your needs.

How we collect your information
In order to match you with appropriate lenders, automobile dealerships and/or affiliates, you will provide certain personal information such as name, address, e-mail address, social security number and income. This and other information such as your credit history and credit score may be obtained and provided to certain participating lenders, automobile dealerships and/or affiliates for a loan decision and vehicle pricing.

How we share your information
We use the information you provide, as well as information from your credit report, to match you with appropriate lenders, automobile dealerships and/or affiliates. Once you submit your information to HDF, lenders, automobile dealerships and/or affiliates will decide whether to make you a loan offer. All lenders, automobile dealerships and/or affiliates on the HDF platform are required to comply with the federal privacy laws; however, we suggest you review their privacy policies before accepting a loan transaction with them. Our objective is to help find financing options so that you can purchase or lease the car you want. If you have a unique situation and we are unable to match your profile with one of our lending sources, we continue to remain committed to helping you look for financing options through affiliates who may be better able to help you obtain financing through their dealership networks. Additionally, you may be notified of special offers through promotional affiliates. Finally, in certain situations we may be required to share your information with law enforcement or government agencies in response to a subpoena, state or federal audit, or other similar circumstances.

How we safeguard your information
HDF uses extensive and sophisticated secure technology to protect your data and transmissions between you, HDF, participating Lenders, automobile dealerships and/or affiliates. Transmission between browsers and our web server is implemented using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology. This technology requires an SSL-capable browser such as Microsoft Internet Explorer version 5.5 (or later) or Netscape Navigator version 4.7 (or later). Transmissions between HDF and participating lenders, automobile dealerships and/or affiliates are encrypted using public key cryptography algorithms with a minimum key size of 128 bits. Since ensuring your information is secure is important to us, we further limit access to your information to those employees who need access in order to perform their job. We maintain physical, procedural, and electronic safeguards to protect your information from unauthorized access.

How long we retain your information
Federal and state agencies require that we retain certain loan-related information. Therefore, we may retain your information for a period of seven years.

Is it necessary to opt-out?
The law allows financial institutions to share your information unless you tell them not to; we will share your information unless you opt out. If we make a change to our Privacy Policy in the future that will affect how we treat your information, we will notify you of the change electronically. Your ability to opt out of the new policy will be determined by applicable laws which will be included in our notification. If the change impacts how we use your information, we will notify you even if you have requested that we not contact you.

Other web sites
Finally, there are "hyperlinks" or "links" to other web sites embedded within our web site. If you choose to click on one of these links, you will be governed by the privacy policy of the linked web site, even if the content is framed within our Web site.

Last Updated: 01/10/2013

Should you have questions about this privacy policy, please contact us.
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