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The following resources will help you find what you're looking for. If you're looking for an auto loan don't forget to apply today, because we make it easy for you to get the loan that best meets your needs.

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Calculators & Estimators
Find out what type of interest rate to expect. Use this tool to enter your zip code, the loans type you want and your credit information -- then simply click calculate to see rates in your area.
Calculate how much you can borrow with the loan amount calculator. This tool is provided for your convenience. The actual amount you can borrow may differ depending upon the actual terms of your loan.
Calculate how much your payment will be given a specific loan amount. This tool is provided for your convenience from The actual amount of your payment may differ depending upon the actual terms of your loan.
Before You Buy
Make sure you don't buy a lemon. Use CARFAX to check out the history of the car you're considering. From repairs, to damage, to the number of owners, it pays to know the details before you buy.
Buying a car is expensive, so protect yourself with a VIN check from an authoritative source. Get an instant vehicle history report with 60+ problem checks from, an official provider for the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System.
Find out if there is a manufacturer's recall notice on your existing vehicle or the one you're thinking about buying. Recall notices and the repairs they specify are often important changes designed to improve the safety and operation of your vehicle.
Compare manufacturers' invoice and MSRP for just about any new car on the market today. Price smart shoppers get better deals when shopping for a new car.
Looking to buy a used car? Use this handy tool to compare prices based on year, make, mileage, options and more. An informed shopper is a smart shopper.
Your Credit
Keeping up with your credit scores is an important part of tracking and managing your ability to get a loan at a good rate. With the TrueCredit monitoring service you can track all three of the major credit reporting and scoring services.
Find out your current credit score with this free report from Go Free Credit. Knowing your score is the first step in taking control of your buying power.
After You Buy
Switch & Save on auto insurance! Get your fast, free Esurance quote in 6 minutes or less.
Get a 50% discount on ALL plans using Promo Code "myauto". One year of VIP Plus roadside Assistance (Family) plan is $34.98 or less than half the cost of AAA. Use your membership to receive discounts on auto maintenance and travel at over 200,000 locations.
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