Whether buying a car, truck, or even a house on credit - people with the best credit get the best loan offers and rates. So, if you're finding the offers you are receiving for your auto loan applications are less than thrilling, consider taking a deeper look at your credit.

Getting Better Credit Can Be Easier Than You Think

Nearly everyone can improve their credit score in some way, but often people put off doing so because they think it's harder and more time consuming than it really is. That's because they don't always understand the specific things they need to do, or not do, to bring their credit score up. They keep making the same mistakes so the process drags-out. With the help of our partner, Self, you can build your credit using your bills, such as your cell phone bill and other payments.*

To help speed you along to stellar credit and getting the best auto loan offer, we've assembled a Guide to Better Credit for Auto Financing. In a simple, easy to understand way, the guide will help you understand your credit score and provide tips to quickly bring your score up.