Our History

Background Information on myAutoloan.com®

A multitude of brands and models, with a seemingly endless number of features and benefits. Complex pricing. Confusing financing terms and conditions. Since the invention of the automobile, consumers have been seeking a level playing field for researching, financing, buying and driving vehicles.

After nearly a century of benign neglect – if not out-and-out abuse – consumers have a new advocate in their quest to experience the auto buying lifecycle on truly favorable terms: myAutoloan.com.

myAutoloan.com was founded by a group of entrepreneurs with deep experience in the financial services and electronic commerce arenas. Gregory Thibodeau, managing partner for strategy, has 20 years of experience at several major finance and credit organizations. Dale Peterson, managing partner for operations, brings the perspective of 30 years in the financial services and sales and marketing space.

In March, 2003, Peterson and Thibodeau created myAutoloan.com® as a means of using their experiences to empower consumers to have the best possible experience at every step of the auto buying lifecycle.

In April, 2003, myAutoloan.com engaged Dallas-based Andara Digital to assist in creating a truly user-center web facility. Of the numerous options for an electronic business partner, Andara was selected for the firm's experience with powerful brands, such as JCPenney and Pizza Hut, as well as for the organization's advanced usability methodologies and specific ability to merge highly technical data engines with an easy to use and inviting user interface.

Andara's expertise is coupled with Peterson and Thibodeau's industry knowledge to bring myAutoloan.com's exclusive proprietary Preferred Placement® technology model to life. Preferred Placement® is a patent-pending, data-driven process that matches prospective car buyer needs and credit histories with compatible lenders – enabling consumers to readily harness the massive power of information through the Internet.

Completing the launch team are 25 team members driving programing, finance, accounting, Preferred Dealer, lender relations, business development, sales, marketing and operations.

During the 4th Quarter of 2003, myAutoloan.com further broadened the team by adding Access Creative and Blake Lewis APR to the organization's team roster. Access has a reputation for innovation in defining and creating brands. Lewis is using his early-adopter status and experience with applied technology to support the team in telling its story in a clear and compelling manner.

Currently authorized to conduct business in 48 states and the District of Columbia, myAutoloan.com launched in January, 2004. Initial focus of myAutoloan.com was on the lending portion of the Research-Finance-Buy-Drive auto buying lifecycle because of the significant impact financing has on the total cost of vehicle acquisition and operation.

In 2005 the company introduced a nationwide Preferred DealerSM program that matches approved customers (check in hand) and qualified leads to an authorized set of franchised dealerships that offer outstanding customer service to myAutoloan.com financing applicants. In 2006 the Company developed, piloted and launched Powered By: a fully functional, co-branded, finance center utilizing Preferred Placement® and Preferred Dealersm technology. Powered by enables other lead generation or financial services company's to offer their customers the same value, products and services that myAutoloan.com offers its customers with in their own brand while providing the Company with an additional low cost application/lead channel and incremental revenue opportunity. Additionally in 2006 the Company developed, piloted and launched www.horizondigitalfinance.com. horizondigitalfinance.com extends the Company's technology, leveraging the direct lending, marketplace, lead generation platform to include home equity, mortgage, motorcycle, RV, watercraft financing and more.

Initiatives are underway in all areas of enhancing the consumer-automotive research experience including platform licensing "Powered by" myAutoloan.com, with new offerings planned for introduction throughout 2007.

For more information or assistance in contacting a myAutoloan.com Subject Matter Expert, contact:

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