Horizon Digital Finance, LLC ("HDF") is not acting as a loan broker and does not make extensions of credit to consumers. HDF works with a select group of lending partners, such as banks, credit unions, finance companies and automotive dealerships (the “Lenders”) that offer loans and other types of financing directly to consumers (the “Financing”). HDF collects certain information from each consumer through this web site (the “Web Site”) to identify one or more Lenders that may want to provide, directly to you, with a pre-approved loan offer. The term “you” means a consumer using the Web Site. If HDF cannot identify Lenders for you at all, HDF will let you know through the Web Site. If HDF can match you with one or more Lenders, HDF will also let you know through the Web Site, and let those Lenders know as well that you may be a match. This does not mean that you are approved for credit by any of those Lenders. Those Lenders will then review your information on their own and if you qualify for credit, return a pre-approved loan offer to you through the Web Site, additionally, they may contact you directly by phone, email and or text. having those Lenders provide you with a pre-approved loan offers is not a binding agreement or contract. Pre-approved loan offers are subject to change or with-drawn as the Lender collect additional information in their review and underwriting process. Completing a loan offer request form on this Web Site may result in a soft inquiry by HDF and may also result in soft and or hard inquiry(s) by the Lender(s) depending on the Lender’s practices.

HDF also makes certain information about you available to other third-party referral sources so that they may be able to assist you if you are purchasing an auto from an auto dealership and seeking financing (the “Credit Source”). Credit Sources may be brokers or other referral sources that work with auto dealers to facilitate your purchase and financing of a vehicle. Completing a loan offer request form on this Web Site may result in soft and or hard inquiry(s) by HDF and the Credit Sources. You will be contacted by the Credit Sources directly by phone, email and or text, but not through the Web Site. A current list of Lenders and Credit Sources to which your information may be sent is available by checking the Lender Directory.

The Lenders and Credit Sources are solely responsible for its services to you, and you agree that HDF shall not be liable for any damages or costs of any type arising out of or in any way connected with your use of such services. You understand that HDF, the Lenders and any Credit Sources may keep your information and any other information provided directly by you or obtained from a third party. You agree to notify any particular Lender or Credit Source directly if you no longer want to receive their communications and/or emails and text.

HDF does not endorse or recommend the products or potential offers of any particular Lender or Credit Source. You should rely on your own judgment in deciding which available credit offer, product, terms and Lender, will best suit your needs and financial means.

Cost and or Fees: HDF does not charge you a fee for the services that we provide. HDF does receive a marketing fee and in certain cases lead fees as compensation from the Lenders and or Credit Sources for the goods and services provided by HDF, and such compensation varies by product.

Last updated 12/21/2023