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10 Must-Have Motorcycle Accessories

Owning a motorcycle is very exciting, whether you buy it in cash or through a motorcycle loan. Cruising down the open road with the wind in your hair and generally the freedom of the journey is pure exhilaration.


Owning a motorcycle is very exciting, whether you buy it in cash or through a motorcycle loan. Cruising down the open road with the wind in your hair and generally the freedom of the journey is pure exhilaration. However, before you hit the road, you must have the right motorcycle accessories. The right accessories can elevate your riding experience, making it more comfortable, convenient, and, most importantly, safe. Whether you're a seasoned rider or just starting, here are eight must-have motorcycle accessories to gear you up for the ride.


A helmet is one of the most essential accessories for any rider. Basically, it's your lifeline. When in an accident, a helmet reduces the risk of severe head injuries by 69% and death by 41% for passengers and 37% for riders, according to the CDC.

However, all helmets are not created equal. There are novelty helmets in the market that do not meet safety standards. Therefore, you must ensure the helmet you buy is DOT-approved to serve its intended purpose in case of an accident. Moreover, ensure it fits well. It should not be too loose to move around or too tight to hurt you.

As for the style, which helmet to buy will depend on your type of bike, safety features, and how much you are willing to spend. Full-face helmets provide the most coverage, while modular helmets offer versatility. Consider features like ventilation, a good visor, and communication system integration for hands-free calls and navigation.

Riding gear

Like a helmet, riding gear is another pricey accessory you'll need before hitting the road. Not wearing riding gear or wearing inadequately protective gear can result in serious injuries when you're involved in an accident.

High-quality riding gear is not about style; it should offer protection against abrasion, impacts, and adverse weather conditions. A complete set of riding gear includes a motorcycle jacket, motorcycle pants, boots, gloves, and a helmet.

  • Riding jacket - a riding jacket safeguards your upper body. Although most riders use leather jackets because of their timeless and classic looks, you can opt for textile jackets with modern designs that look like everyday clothes. Look for a jacket with armor inserts, breathable materials, and weatherproofing features to stay comfortable and safe in various riding conditions.
  • Riding pants - riding pants protect the lower body. Many times, you'll see riders wearing a riding jacket and regular trousers instead of riding pants. This can be a fatal mistake if you get into an accident. Always wear riding pants with hip and knee armor.
  • Gloves - Riding gloves not only protect your hands from injuries but also enhance grip and control while riding. Choose gloves made of durable materials with reinforced palms and knuckle protection for optimal safety and comfort. You may need to buy heated gloves if you ride during the colder months.
  • Boots - according to the Transport Accident Commission, the risk of sustaining open wounds on the lower leg doubles when a rider is not wearing boots. Investing in a pair of sturdy riding boots can prevent foot injuries and provide ankle support during rides. Look for boots with non-slip soles, ankle protection, and waterproofing features to ensure stability and comfort on the road.

Tank bag or saddlebags

When going for a road trip, carrying essential items becomes a necessity. You don't want to spend money buying everything you need, yet you could have carried them from home. Tank bags and saddlebags offer convenient storage solutions for carrying essentials such as water bottles, tools, spare parts, and personal belongings during rides.

These bags are available in various designs, sizes, and colors. Choose bags with sturdy mounts, weatherproof construction, a stronger locking system, and multiple compartments for organized storage options.

Phone mount

Riders occasionally need to access their phones while on the road. It could be for navigation, playing music, or making a call. Originally, riders needed to park and get their smartphones from their pocket to perform these tasks. However, this is not necessary with a phone mount.

A phone mount is a device that securely attaches your smartphone to your motorcycle, allowing you to see and interact with it while riding. Depending on your design and preference, these mounts come in various styles and attach to different motorcycle parts. For instance, some phone mounts can hold better than others when riding on rough terrain, while others are water-resistant.

When shopping for a phone mount, consider the kind of terrain you normally ride on. While there are some good quality and cheaper mounts, the cheapest ones are only good if you only ride on highways. Moreover, they only have basic features. Choose a secure, stable phone mount that is weatherproof and allows easy access and charging.

Dash camera

A motorcycle dash cam is a compact camera designed to be mounted on a motorcycle to record video footage of your ride. It's similar to the dash cameras commonly used in cars but built to withstand the vibrations, weather conditions, and unique mounting requirements of motorcycle riding.

As the name suggests, they are mounted on the motorcycle's handlebars, but others can be put on your helmet. A dash cam can help protect you against false accusations in case of an accident and identify a hit-and-run driver. Moreover, your insurer may lower your premium if you have a dash cam.


Traditional motorcycles are super loud. That plus wind noise can reach harmful levels, especially at highway speeds. Prolonged exposure can lead to hearing damage, tinnitus (ringing in the ears), or hearing loss. However, even if you own an electric bike, you still need to protect your ears from the wind.

Earplugs can significantly reduce noise levels, protecting your hearing. However, traditional earplugs can block out important sounds, like sirens or engine noises, exposing you and other road users to dangers. For this reason, you need to find the right earplugs to protect your ears while still allowing you to hear the sounds you need to ride safely.

Motorcycle lock

A motorcycle lock is a security device designed to deter theft and protect your motorcycle from unauthorized access. It works by physically preventing the bike from being moved or ridden away. A motorcycle lock is not an option; it's a necessity, and your insurance company will require you to have one.

However, the lock you choose is up to you. There are different types of motorcycle locks in the market. They include;

  • U-locks: Considered the most secure option, with a solid U-shaped shackle made of hardened steel that resists cutting and prying.
  • Chain locks: These are lighter and more flexible than U-locks, allowing you to attach them to various objects. Choose a thick, hardened chain for optimal security.
  • Disc locks: Disc locks attach directly to the brake disc, preventing wheel rotation. While convenient, they don't fully secure the bike and are best used as an additional deterrent alongside other locks.
  • Alarm locks: Alarm locks integrate an audible alarm to deter theft attempts and attract attention.

SomeWear global hotspot

If you like touring, dirt riding, or long road trips, you must be familiar with the loathsome "no service" or lack of bars on your phone. While this level of disconnectivity can partly make you stranded in the middle of nowhere, it can also bring about some difficulties.

A Wi-Fi hotspot can give you a backup internet source during your ride. And if you are looking for something small and well-suited to the outdoors, consider going for the SomeWear Global Hotspot.

Unlike most satellite messengers, this device attaches directly to your smartphone, and your phone can receive an internet connection and send messages through the SomeWear app. You can also share and look up your GPS coordinates, even when you are out of service. This device is 4 inches in size, 4 ounces in weight, and is entirely waterproof.

Seat pad

Comfort is one of the most important but highly overlooked aspects of riding safety. However, when a certain part of your body starts to ache, your concentration on the pain distracts you from your riding. You will be vulnerable to accidents if you don't pay enough attention to your motorcycle.

While modern bike design tends to accommodate thin, hard seats, which most riders will find endlessly comfortable, others will struggle. Consider investing in a seat pad that can be affixed to the OEM seat. Most pads are inflatable, which makes them perfectly adjustable. Others are made from foam but are ergonomically better for motorcycle seats.

Motorcycle cover

Finally, you must have a motorcycle cover. This is particularly important if you regularly park the bike outdoors. Moisture from snow and rain can cause rust and corrosion, while the sun can discolor paint and plastics. Moreover, covers keep your bike cleaner, saving you time and effort when it comes to cleaning.

Summing it up

The right motorcycle accessories will enhance your safety, comfort, and enjoyment on the road. Whether you are a new bike owner or an experienced rider, these accessories are a must-have. However, remember that all accessories are not created equal. Prioritize quality, functionality, and compatibility when selecting accessories to ensure they meet your specific riding needs.