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Publish Date - January 24, 2022

Author: Staci Bailey

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16 Fun & Crazy Driving Laws Still on the Books in the U.S.

Driving laws are meant to keep motorists and the public safe. In some cases laws were created for environmental concerns or to reduce the impact of unwanted behaviors. And some laws seem to have no logical explanation and are just crazy!

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Driving laws are meant to keep motorists and the public safe. In some cases laws were created for environmental concerns or to reduce the impact of unwanted behaviors. And some laws seem to have no logical explanation and are just crazy!

Whether remnants from a bygone era, or a misguided attempt to address local issues, some crazy driving laws still exist today. Crazy or not they are still technically the law and while some are not strictly enforced others can still get you fined, or worse. Check out some of these crazy driving laws that are still on the book in the U.S.

1. Particular About Honking

Little Rock, Arkansas has a very specific law when it comes to honking your horn. This law was established in 1938 and is still on the books. It states that motorists may not honk their horn or sound their bell after 9pm at any establishment which serves cold drinks or sandwiches. So if you’re planning on honking, do so around places that serve only hot soup or ice cream.

2. Keep Your Eyes On The Road

Alabama wants motorists to remember the importance of watching where you’re driving. They have officially made it illegal to drive while blindfolded. Was this really a big enough issue that it made it into law books? Drivers in Alabama must like living on the wild side.

3. No Robes Allowed

California wants their female motorists to be fashionable. It is against the law for a woman to drive in a housecoat. Probably ok to drive in your pajamas though. California has little faith in a man’s fashion sense and permits them to drive in their robes.

4. Keep Your Bumper Stickers In Good Taste

South Carolina is changing the world one bumper sticker at a time. If your bumper sticker lacks serious literary, artistic, political, or scientific value you can end up with a fine of up to $200! You’ll have to stick those obscene bumper stickers on something other than your car.

5. Stock Up On Flares

If you’re driving down a country road at night in Pennsylvania, you better bring a lot of flares. By law you would be required to stop every mile and set off a flare to alert livestock of your approach. Once the flare has been set off, you need to wait 10 minutes to give the critters time to get off the road. Prepare to be late for just about everything.

6. Tennessee Hates Whales

If you’re planning to do some hunting in Tennessee, you should know that it is against the law to shoot any game from a moving vehicle. For some reason Tennessee has explicitly omitted whales from this rule. Considering that the state of Tennessee is not even ocean adjacent it makes us think the state must have a vendetta against whales.

7. Female Driver Coming Through

Apparently both Louisiana and Virginia have little faith in female drivers. Louisiana requires a woman’s husband to wave a flag in front of his wife’s car before she can drive it. If a woman wants to drive down Main Street in Virginia her husband is supposed to walk in front of the car waving a red flag. Better alert the public, the ladies are about to hit the road.

8. Sunday Driver

If you have a black car do not drive it on a Sunday in Denver Colorado. They have a law banning the use of black cars on Sundays. There are probably not too many black cars in Denver then.

9. Take Your Dead Poultry Elsewhere

It is against the law to transport dead poultry on Kansas Avenue in Topeka. We’re guessing there isn’t a restaurant that sells fried chicken or chicken club sandwiches along this road. Kansas wants you to detour if you’re craving chicken for lunch.

10. Fido Rides Shotgun

If you’re taking your dog to the vet in Alaska, don’t even think of strapping your pet to the roof. Alaska has made it unlawful to tie a dog to the roof of a car. Only dogs though. Other animals are ok.

11. Drinking And Driving Deterrent

New Jersey is fighting drinking and driving in their own way. If you have been convicted of a DUI it’s going to be a while before you can apply for a personalized license plate. You must have a clean record for at least 10 years in order to apply for a custom plate.

12. No Aimless Cruising

You better know where you’re going if you drive in Westminster Colorado. It is against the law to drive three times in the same direction along the same stretch of road between the hours of 9pm and 4am. That seems awfully specific.

13. No Crime Without Notice

Washington lawmakers have a twisted sense of humor, or no understanding of how crime works. By law motorists with the intention of lawbreaking are expected to stop at the city limits and call the chief of police. We’re sure that phone is ringing off the hook.

14. Act Your Age

Idaho Falls believes that at 89 you should know better. Anyone over the age of 88 is not legally permitted to ride a motorcycle. Elderly biker gangs are probably at a national low in Idaho Falls.

15. Passing Loudly

Rhode Island expects motorists to honk their horn when passing another car. You could actually get a ticket if you don’t honk when passing. The noise on their roads must be deafening.

16. Kid Drivers

What is a good age to start driving? In South Dakota you only need to be 14 years old to get a driver’s license. And you thought 16 year olds on the road were bad.

These fun and crazy driving laws are somehow still on the books in the U.S. but if you’re stuck with a bad decision there is nothing crazy about refinancing your car loan. Get up to 4 offers in minutes and see how much you can save. We’re sure there’s no crazy driving law against it.