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5 Cheap Road Trips for College Students

Check out the top 5 cheap road trips for college students to go on a delightful experience at very low rates.


There is no better time to start traveling alone or with friends than during your college years because of the affordable lodging options, such as hostels and campgrounds, the advantageous exchange rates, and the good inexpensive meals.

You might have explored informative pieces by a college paper writer or any travel blogger to find out the best places. For broke college students looking to travel soon, here are some of the best economical places to start saving money and making vacation plans:

The 5 most affordable travel destinations are:

1. Ecuador

Although it may not be everyone's first choice when planning a South American vacation, Ecuador is nevertheless an affordable destination for college students. This region has some stunning beaches and exciting places to visit, and it is a fantastic spot to practice the Spanish you have been learning in class.

The crime that targets tourists has significantly decreased, so you shouldn't run into any problems as long as you travel safely. The Galapagos Islands, which are worth a visit if you can manage them during your vacation, are one of the main attractions in this area.

2. Costa Rica

Costa Rica offers affordable lodging and exciting outdoor activities as a popular Central American vacation for college students. Here, you may discover some incredibly cheap hostels and unassuming B&Bs, some of which even offer complimentary breakfast each morning. Traveling from the United States, airfare has been relatively affordable, and the exchange rate makes this vacation an excellent value.

Since this is a popular tourist destination, spend some time getting to know the neighborhood shops so you can recognize and avoid tourist traps. Local eateries, known as "sodas," can serve affordable, authentic Costa Rican dishes. Stock up on Costa Rican beer at the neighborhood grocery shop where you are staying to save money at the bars.

3. Florida

Florida has long been a popular destination for student spring breakers, so why not go when it's less crowded and more affordable? Fall is a great time to visit Panama City, so maybe September or October. Traveling on a private vehicle can be risky if you have no auto insurance or proper planning. You must explore good transport services as well.

The beaches are less crowded, the sun is shining brightly, the temperatures are pleasant, and hotel and travel costs are relatively affordable. In the off-season, look at beachfront vacation rentals; you may find one-night stays for as little as $50 per night that are only a few steps from the sand.

4. Louisiana

It's a remarkably distinctive area of the United States, with fascinating history, intriguing culture, delectable cuisine, and a vibrant nightlife that promotes cocktail takeout cups. Actually, a few hostels in and around the French Quarter provide affordable lodging for students.

To avoid filling up, research these hostel options well in advance because New Orleans hotels can be expensive. Instead of driving and paying expensive parking fees, use the streetcar or walk to get everywhere. Traveling makes you a better student and enhances your exposure.

5. Savannah

Savannah is a pretty fun town to walk about, view the sites, and transport oneself to another time and place, even though it might sound like a location where your parents go to spend their anniversary. It’s a perfect place for a road trip with your friends.

You may tour this southern treasure with your preferred beverage or brew in hand in Savannah. It is a fantastic spot to explore if you are a foodie or just curious about the buzz around southern cuisine. Spend a day on Tybee Island to relax on the beach and take in the sunshine if the weather is warm.


You can make your tour highly economical by going to the above-mentioned destinations. It will bring you great joy and save a lot of money for other expenses during your college years.