Electronic Records Disclosure

You are submitting a request for a loan, financing or lease offers on a Horizon Digital Finance LLC web site property (collectively referred to herein as "HDF").

The Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act requires your consent to receive certain disclosures electronically. Please read this Electronic Records Disclosure and Agreement ("Agreement") carefully and save or print a copy of the Agreement for your records.


All communications and disclosures with and by HDF on its behalf and on behalf of its lending partners, participating banks, finance companies, credit unions, and auto dealerships (hereinafter called “Lenders”) are conducted electronically. However, if you wish to obtain a paper copy of any HDF loan/finance/lease offer request disclosure or any other HDF disclosures relating to your offer and/or loan/finance/lease offer request is required to be in writing (the “Disclosures”), you may write to HDF, 5005 W. Royal Lane, Suite 209, Irving, Texas 75063. We will not charge you a fee for a paper copy of the Disclosures you request. HDF does not provide any Lenders disclosures.

HDF reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to stop providing Disclosures electronically. HDF will provide you with notice of any such termination as required by applicable law. If HDF chooses to stop providing Disclosures electronically, HDF will send any future Disclosures to you in paper form.


The applicant and any co-applicant (collectively, “you”) must consent to receive Disclosures electronically in order to complete the loan/finance/lease offer request process with HDF on behalf of its participating Lenders (as defined above). Your consent will apply to Disclosures you receive from HDF, its successors and assignees, and any Lenders. You may withdraw your consent for receiving electronic Disclosures by notifying HDF at customer.service@horizondigitalfinance.com. Since HDF is structured to provide loan/finance/lease offer request related information electronically, not consenting, or withdrawing your consent to receive electronic Disclosures will terminate your loan/finance/lease offer request process. You may withdraw your consent to do business electronically with our participating Lenders at no cost to you. You may do so by contacting the Lender at the mailing address, e-mail address or telephone number they provide to you separately for such purpose.


To access this Web Site and receive disclosures electronically, you must have the following:


To retain any electronic Disclosures or other information provided by HDF and its participating Lenders through this Web Site, your system must have the ability to either download to your hard drive, other memory device or print web pages as well as embedded HTML files.

If the system requirements for accessing the Disclosures on this Web Site change so as to require different or additional hardware or software, or upgrades, plug-ins or enhancements to the hardware or software used by you (all such changes referred to as a “Systems Enhancement”), HDF will notify you and you may either withdraw your consent or upgrade your hardware and/or software as required by the Systems Enhancement. If you choose to withdraw your consent, or you fail to re-confirm your consent (which HDF will treat as your withdrawal of consent), you will no longer receive Disclosures electronically and HDF will send all future Disclosures to you in paper form.


You should keep HDF and any lender to which you apply informed of any change to your e-mail address or your physical address during the loan/finance/lease offer request process. You may notify HDF of these changes by e-mail at customer.service@horizondigitalfinance.com.


In order to use this service, you must consent to receive disclosures including but not limited to the GLB Privacy Notice (below) and any loan/finance offer request related disclosures and notices, electronically and you agree that these electronic disclosures will be sufficient as a “writing” under applicable law.

GLB Privacy Notice

Last Updated: 07/06/2020