Interest Rate Chart

Today's Rates
36 mths
or less
New Auto 7.49% 7.90% 6.99% 9.24%
Used Auto 7.74% 8.15% 7.24% 9.49%
Auto Refinance 5.74% 5.49% 5.84% 6.24%
Private Party 7.49% 7.69% 7.24% 8.24%
Lease Buyout 6.20% 5.01% 6.49% 7.29%
* interest rates (APR) shown are the lowest rates participating lenders have recently offered. Your actual interest rate (APR) may be higher based on your unique, individual credit situation. These interest rates (APR) above may not yet be reflective of any Federal Reserve Bank (“FRB”) benchmark interest rate changes and thus participating Lenders adjusting their rates based on these changes. If you request a loan offer through this website, the lowest rates offered in above chart that day by participating Lenders may be higher than what is displayed above. These above interest rates (APR) are intended to be directional and generally informative.