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10 Incredible Fall Foliage Driving Paths in Connecticut

Fall presents a perfect time for a road trip in Connecticut. As the temperatures begin to cool and leaves start to change color, Connecticut transforms into a magnificent area where you will spot the beautiful gold, red, yellow, and orange colors.


Connecticut also boasts winding country roads and tree-lined highways that offer a perfect backdrop of vibrant colors and the best gateway for a road trip. Here are a few of the best fall foliage driving paths in Connecticut.

1. Litchfield Hills Loop

For this road trip, you can begin driving from New Milford and then go to Route 67 via Bridgewater, Roxbury, and Washington. This scenic path will take you through one of the most picturesque landscapes, filled with a tunnel of leaves that cradle the road. In addition, branches with stunning fall colors are on nearly every curve of this loop.

Road-tripping through the Litchfield Hills Loop will allow you to enjoy the most magnificent sites in Connecticut. In addition to the beautiful fall colors, you will see stunning views of rolling hills, charming small towns, historic farms, historic homes, and peaceful streams and lakes.

2. Connecticut Wine Trail

Falls presents one of the best times of the year to explore wineries, and the Connecticut Wine Trail will take you to the best wineries and vineyards. Along this path, you will find fall foliage lighting as you drive from vineyard to vineyard for special events, music, tours, and wine tastings.

Furthermore, whether you want to go for a romantic escape or a girls' day out, the gateway along the Connecticut Wine Trail will ensure you have the most memorable experience. The entire path will take about 2 hours of driving, giving you enough time to sightsee and linger. You can also make stops for wine tasting and waterfall viewing. Some of the most notable vineyards worth stopping for include the Sharpe Hill and Lost Acres Vineyard.

3. Merritt Parkway

Merritt Parkway is one of the most popular fall foliage drives in Connecticut. During fall, this route comes alive as the leaves change color. The ground and the trees become a brown, maroon, yellow, golden, terracotta, and orange patchwork.

Note that the Merritt Parkway is not accessible to buses and trucks. Thus, it is ideal for a calmer drive. You can also make a stop and relish the fall foliage scenery in several places. The Greenwich Audubon Center and the Bartlett Arboretum are some of the best stops for leaf peeping. You can visit nature centers in Stamford and New Canaan to view more of the fall foliage.

4. Mohawk Trail

The Mohawk Trail will take you through the Housatonic River, Breadloaf Mountain, Housatonic State Forests, Wyantenock, the Mohawk, Housatonic Meadows State Park, and the Mohawk Mountain. This drive promises one of the most picturesque views of the fall foliage as well as historic sites.

You will also transverse through the Mohawk Mountain State Park, which boasts 4000 acres in Litchfield, Goshen, and Cornwall. This trail is a must-visit path in Connecticut. Other scenic sights along this route that you can enjoy include the Dean Ravine, Red Mountain, Mohawk Mountain, and Cathedral Pines.

5. Greenwich to Litchfield Hills

The Greenwich to Litchfield Hills is enchanting during fall. This area boasts a kaleidoscopic patch of fall foliage, rustic churches, charming villages, and rolling hills flanked by trees boasting vibrant fall colors. It provides an ideal environment to take pictures of the fall foliage.

The starting point for this drive is Greenwich. From Greenwich, you can drive along the coast and then head north on Route 8 or 7. As you drive through this magnificent area, you will have an incredible opportunity to make stops and enjoy the best scenic fall foliage sights. The most beautiful areas you can consider stopping include the West Cornwall Covered Bridge, Bull's Bridge, and Kent Falls State Park.

6. Housatonic Valley Heritage Loop

The Housatonic Valley Heritage Loop will allow you to experience nature, culture, and the rich history of the Housatonic Valley. This scenic drive transverses the Housatonic River and provides spectacular views of the fall landscape.

The best spot to start your drive is at New Milford and then proceed to Route 7 via Sharon and Kent. As you drive through the loop, you will pass quaint countryside and charming towns that offer plenty of opportunities to make stops and enjoy stunning views of the fall foliage.

7. Lower Connecticut River Valley

You can start exploring Lower Connecticut River Valley from Hamburg Cove and then drive north on Route 156, 82, and 434 to the Devil's Hopyard State Park. At Devil's Hopyard State Park, you will find one of the most scenic areas to enjoy the fall foliage. You will also see an incredible sight of a natural waterfall.

Note that you can also consider making a stop on Route 82. On this route, you can see the Godspeed Opera House and the Gillette Castle. You can also complete your drive on this road trip at the Connecticut River Museum.

8. Torrington to Norfolk

A fall foliage drive from Torrington to Norfolk will take you through several scenic sights, including Lake McDonough, American Legion State Forest, and the Peoples State Forest. The American Legion State Forest and People's State Forest are the primary points of interest for fall foliage viewing. You will find these forests along the western side of the Farmington River.

Here you will have a fantastic opportunity to make a stop and picnic or take a walk as you relish the beautiful fall foliage. You can also stop at Lack McDonough Park for a foliage hike or a picnic. Other areas you can consider stopping include the Warner Theater in Torrington and the Infinity Music Hall in Norfolk.

9. Connecticut Route 169

Connecticut Route 169 is a scenic, historic roadway that will allow you to transverse through charming shops, museums, and over 200 historic structures constructed in the 1800s. This route stretches for 32 miles and can take about one hour of driving if you do not make stops. However, you can take a whole day if you stop to see the beautiful fall foliage scenery and the historic structures, including churches and homesteads.

10. Waterbury Area Loop

The Waterbury Area Loop stretches for 42 miles and is ideal for individuals who wish to go for a short fall foliage road trip. This scenic drive can take you less than two hours and offers incredible views of fall foliage.

As you drive through this loop, one of the best places for foliage viewing is the Southford Falls State Park in Oxford. This state park has plenty of trails and driving paths where you can enjoy the beautiful fall colors. Other areas you can consider stopping include the Palace Theater, Brass Mill Center, and the Black Rock Path.

Wrapping it up

Connecticut is one of the most underrated areas for fall foliage driving. However, as you can see, this state has several paths that you can drive through and enjoy the majestic gold, red, yellow, and orange fall colors.

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