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7 Tips for Your College Visit Road Trip
By Charlotte Banks
Choosing the right college is such a major life decision. College life is one of the determiners that shapes us into who we are later on. This is why students need to make sure they’re considering all the right options and making a wise decision on which college to attend. And, the whole process can be so much fun if you turn it into a college visit road trip.

How To Write a Car Insurance Claim Letter
By Jessica Fender
In case of an accident, car damage, car theft, or any other unfortunate event, having car insurance can be a bright spot in that chaos. However, if you want the insurance provider to reimburse the costs, you’ll need to write a formal claim.

6 Essential Road Travel Tips You Don't Already Know
By Charlotte Banks
Being on the open road, alone or with a travel buddy, can be such a great adventure. Road trips and road traveling is a great way to spend some quality time relaxing, exploring, and making memories. Still, it takes some preparation and essential precautions to make sure your road trip is enjoyable and fun.

5 Best Cars to Rent in Dubai
By Daniel Addam
Dubai is the richest emirate of the UAE because of tourism and work opportunities. People of Dubai no matter if they are residents or tourists prefer to travel in their cars.

Why AR/VR Is Becoming the Future Of the Automotive Industry
By Rae Steinbach
Choosing a new car can be incredibly overwhelming. That’s why a lot of potential buyers put off the process for a long time. It’s likely that by the time someone buys a new car that they’ve been thinking about pulling the trigger for months. Thanks to new technological tools like AR and VR, everything about buying a car is about to be changed, and for the better.

Why is it Important to Have Your Own Car Being a Student
By John Peterson
Having a car in college can be extremely helpful, especially when you like to do things by yourself. Going wherever you want whenever you want it’s awesome! Plus, hanging out with friends or going out for dinner is easier when you’ve got your transportation covered.

Car Financing – Online, Direct to Consumer
By Dale Peterson
Well folks, the economy is starting to open up and there is a backlog of people who are ready to take that next step in their lives to find a new automobile. As always, some may find themselves in difficult situations at the moment. Maybe you feel that you are ready to own some property and a car, but when you look at your finances and how much you expect your finances to grow, it becomes clear that you are much further away from owning the assets you were hoping to attain.

Cryptocurrencies Might Change the Auto Market Forever
By Rae Steinbach
We’re seeing the cryptocurrency revolution hit just about every industry and market imaginable. For a lot of people out of the loop on Bitcoin and other mainstream alternatives to traditional money and banking, the sudden influx of interest in the currency seems like it came from nowhere. Those who follow cash alternatives, however, knew this day was coming.

Four Smart Car Technologies That Will Soon Be a Reality
By Rae Steinbach
As soon as a new technology hits the floor in the automotive world, three more are in development for the next batch of cars. There’s a never ending push in this industry for the latest and greatest technologies to make the driving experience all the better.

New Car Financing or Auto Loan ReFinancing
By Dale Peterson
What a strange world we live in as people all over the world are coping the best they can with a pandemic. We hear about it on the news but not knowing what the U.S. economy will look like in 6 months is very concerning.

How Students Should Choose Their First Cars
By John Peterson
It can get tiring, hauling all those heavy textbooks from your dorm room or house to the college campus and back. Even with 4 years of lifting heavyweights under my belt, I still found it tiring in my own college years. That’s why getting a car can be a good idea.

4 Crucial Questions Millennials Should Ask Before Getting an Auto Loan
By Veronica Baxter
Buying a car is a huge life step. Having the freedom to drive wherever you want is a joyous feeling that is hard to match. Many millennials will need to look into financing options while buying their first car to achieve that goal.

7 Defensive Driving Techniques For Newbies
By Robert
Getting behind the wheel of your car can be quite exciting for a new driver. But as adventurous as it may seem, an inexperienced driver needs to be aware that driving is one of the most dangerous things you might do on any given day.

6 Amazing Cars Made for Dogs and Humans Alike
By Elizabeth Hines
The title of this post may seem a little weird, but as a dog owner, I was blown away when I started to consider that there are cars out there that are designed with dogs and humans in mind. If you’ve ever had a dog and a small hatchback car, then you know how much of a hassle it can be to go, well, literally anywhere.

7 Auto Technologies Which Seemed Just Dreams In The Past
By John Peterson
Cars have come a long way from being fancy horses that run on fuel rather than blood. In fact, one of the vestiges of how we used to think of cars in the beginning is right in the specs. We still refer to the power of a car as ‘horsepower’. That’s telling.

Car Loan Financing - What Smart Consumers Know
By Dale Peterson
In today’s challenging economic conditions, many people who need to buy a new car are now finding themselves in an exciting situation. Before the pandemic began, it was much easier to deal with dealerships and finance companies.

What Are Lease Buyout Loans And Why They Can Be Best For You?
By Liza Brooke
The lease buyout loan is the finance provided by a financial institute to purchase a vehicle after the lease end. Almost 55.5% of people file this loan for purchasing vehicle. Though, permission from the leasing company is essential before proceeding loan.

Best Practices For Writing A Used Car Ad
By Lauren Groff
When it comes to time to upgrade or change your vehicle, one of the most stressful parts of the process is selling your current vehicle. Depending on the make or model, this process can be complicated, and it doesn't help when the for sale ad is poorly written. Here we will look at a number of ways to write a used car ad that will actually result in a sale.

Common auto repair costs and financing options
By Jack Bartner
Owning and maintaining a car is a pricey task for any driver. Why? You may ask. Aside from everyday expenses like filling it with gas and taking it in for car washes, car’s are prone to needing special services and repairs throughout the course of the year. This can call for anywhere from 1000-1500 dollars per year on repairs, with or without a major incident occurring.

6 Important Tips for Preparing Your Car to Be Shipped
By Abby Drexler
Shipping a car is a significant challenge that most people face. Whether you plan to ship it across the country or the border, you need to understand the nitty-gritty before proceeding with your plan.

Electric, Petrol, and Hybrid | Which One Is The Best
By Michael Dehoyos
When it comes to powering your car, there is plenty of options these days. It wasn't so long ago that every vehicle ran purely on petrol and no one had a choice. Now, consumers have the choice between electric, petrol, and hybrid cars, although not everyone is sure which one is the best for them. Here we will look at answering just that question.

How to Customize Your Pickup Truck
By Katie Tejada
The aftermarket parts world is a massive industry that can be overwhelming for people who are taking the first steps towards customizing their vehicle. If you have a truck that you want to customize, there are a number of things to consider. Are you interested in enhancing the look and style of your vehicle or are you more interested in functionality? Once you know what you want, check out some of the top suggestions here to learn about the most popular options for pickup truck customization.

Things You Need to Know about Car Insurance Cancellation
By Karla Lopez
Many car owners at some point in their lives have to deal with car insurance cancellation. This process is quite straightforward and shouldn’t be overcomplicated. However, some folks worry considerably when faced with this idea because they don’t have sufficient knowledge about the car insurance cancellation process.

Should You Own a Car in a Big City?
By Jeff Good
Living in a big city can come with a lot of advantages (and, sure, some disadvantages). If you don’t mind crowds, city living offers events, experiences, food, and culture.

Looking for a Direct Car Loan Online?
By Dale Peterson
A car loan could help you acquire your dream car even when you don't have enough resources to cover its cost. Getting financing could also come in handy when you want to start a business that requires you to use an automobile, but you do not have one.