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10 Travel Apps That Are Game-Changers on Any Road Trip

The growth of mobile apps has shaped many frontiers and multiple sectors. The heavy infiltration of mobile phone devices and the interoperability of information continue to define new trends in app usage.


The growth of mobile apps has shaped many frontiers and multiple sectors. The heavy infiltration of mobile phone devices and the interoperability of information continue to define new trends in app usage.

Although smartphones are utilized in business engagements and business dealings, smartphone apps have found unique applications in tours and travel. And today, mobile apps are transforming how we travel and tour.

So, if you're looking for an app to get you out of traffic, guide you to convenient gas stations, or find your way around a heavy jam, we have you covered.

Below we look at six travel apps that are game-changers on any road trip.

1. Google Maps

Everyone needs reputable and trustable navigation when traveling. It's not uncommon for you to get lost, break down, or even become exhausted on a road trip. Google maps help you identify how long it will take you to reach your destinations. This app gives real-time updates on weather and travel conditions - allowing you to travel safely and comfortably. You can find nearby hotels, restaurants, lounges, and malls in this easy-to-use app – available on both iPhone and Android.

2. Roadtrippers

Roadtripper is the ultimate, unbeatable, and best-of-class road-trip app. Find friends, discover locations, and collaborate with your family on this app. Roadtrippers app is designed and specifically targeted to keep people on the road. It helps family, friends, or mates to plan trips with more than 150 stop-overs.

Roadtrippers help you discover great places to visit along the way, including jaw-dropping mountain ranges, national parks, recreational centers, hotels, and more. Although the app is free, you may need to pay a premium fee of $29.00 monthly to enjoy its bells and whistles.

3. Waze

Waze navigation app provides live traffic updates, allowing road trippers to avoid congested routes. Waze shows cops' hide-outs, making it easy to avoid police tickets. Nothing clouds the mood of a road trip than a speeding ticket – and Waze does exemplary work to get you out of trouble.

Google powers Waze. However, Waze performs much better although Maps was Google’s original navigation platform. Waze shows your current speed and alerts you of any impending road dangers. You can report any road hazards, including wildlife hazards and cars parked on the road.

You can save lives with Waze.

4. GasBuddy

GasBuddy is your fuel-efficiency ally, guiding you to the most unbeatable fuel deals. Fuel economy ratings indicate that a car's average consumption is 5 liters per every 100 kilometers. GasBuddy lets you optimize your fuel efficiency ratings by guiding you through the most convenient petrol stations on a long trip.

And if you're stranded, always consult GasBuddy at the nearest petrol station. By setting your destination, GasBuddy shows you all the nearest petrol stations along the road and their distances from you.

You can always consult GasBuddy for any fuel-related questions or inquiries.

5. Venmo

Road trips give you a sense of adventure, soaking you in awe-inspiring moments. Unfortunately, you can exceed your budget as you get lost in this cloud of adventure, exploration, and discovery.

Venmo is your go-to-friend when spitting gas and other expenses on your road trip. Venmo allows you to transfer and withdraw funds from your fellow Roadtrippers. Whether traveling with family or friends, you can trust Venmo to handle money cross-transfers.

6. Roadside America

Roadside America allows you to experience the kitschy and offbeat attractions of the United States. This app will locate the best, most unbeatable places to visit. It will help you identify unique tourist destinations worth visiting, like the world's tallest mountains and others. The app is available on Android and iPhone and only costs $3.00 with in-app purchases.

7. HotelTonight

Hotel Tonight is a game-changer in the travel and tour sector. Road trippers understand that even if you've prepared and planned all your nights, you may need a place to crash in. This app has a user-friendly interface allowing you to book a discounted room in minutes.

8. Airbnb

You can book experiences and hotel rooms with the Airbnb app. Airbnb contains curated hotel wish lists, faster checkout processes, and seasonally-aware filters. Airbnb is a useful app for finding somewhere suitable to stay, whether a 4-month rental vacation home or a last-minute place to relax for the night. Airbnb gets the job done.

It's available on Android and iOS.

9. Spotify

Spotify is ultimately a game-changer in the music-streaming sector. First initiated in 2006 in Stockholm, Sweden, Spotify is now a household name for most people. This audio-streaming service contains customized playlists and song-sharing features designed to make your road trip a blast.

You can discover live gigs and listen to live podcasts while driving. Spotify proves that there's no road trip without the perfect playlist. You can listen to your favorite music or queue up a curated playlist as you cruise.

Spotify allows subscribers to download playlists for offline use and to listen without interruptive ads with a premium membership fee of $9.99. Visualization and private mode are additional features you enjoy with a premium membership.

10. RoadTrails

What's a road trip without stretching? Well, RoadTrails show you the nearest trails and hiking landmarks, allowing you and your family to step out of the car and take a deep breath.

This incredibly excellent app guides you to nearby hiking trails with detailed descriptions, ratings, and directions. You can get soaked in awe-inspiring moments – sightseeing, bird viewing, and even snow hiking with the app.

So, if you're looking for a road trip out of town or traveling for vacation, RoadTrails will find you the best trail spots and keep you stretching. – Power Your Adventure! believes all you need to tour the world and get some adventure is one wheel on the hand and four on the road. We help you plan your next road trip by financing your dream car. myAutoloan will identify your favorite car and power your adventures with different car financing options.

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