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11 Epic Things to Do in Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston, South Carolina, is one of the best cities in the United States for leisure and travel. It is a travel trove that comprises charming alleys, historic homes, cobblestone streets, and incredible food. This magnificent city boasts several activities ideal for any tourist.


Undoubtedly it is the heart of South Carolina's art, entertainment, and history. Here are some of the epic things to do in Charleston.

1. Go for a ghost tour

The heart of Charleston marks a mysterious and dark past with a deep 300-year history. Most tourists consider Charleston one of the most haunted cities in the United States. For a ghost tour, walk through mystic places such as the Old Exchange Dungeon, where you can hear spooky tales of century-old residents and orphan poltergeists.

You can also go on a haunted cruise that sails via sites of naval battles and pirate attacks. Make your ghost tour more exciting by adding a unique twist and going for a bar crawl. The ghost tour is ideal for individuals who love dark tourism.

2. Take a stroll to the Pink House

If you are a history lover, Charleston is your dream place, as one of the must-visit sites is the Pink House. The Pink House boasts one of the oldest buildings in this historic city. Historians estimate it to have been built around 1712. You will find Pink House on Chalmers Street.

Apart from its old age, the Pink House boasts an interesting history. It was a popular tavern where most sailors and pirates visited. A famous rumor is that the Black Beard once visited the Pink House. Whichever way, this beautiful building provides a picturesque sight.

3. Check out the Battery

The Battery has a rich history dating back to the Civil War days. It is one of the most scenic views in Charleston and is the best place for family outings. This wonderful promenade once boasted an artillery battery.

Today, it's the perfect place for visitors to stroll and see the beautiful surrounding homes. A fabulous part of the Battery is the White Point Garden, where military heroes are paid reverence. If you are looking for a place to escape the ups and downs of the urban center, the Battery provides the perfect place to recharge.

4. Visit the Gibbes Museum of Art

The Gibbes Museum of Art provides a perfect place to appreciate centuries-old art. It comprises a stately Beaux building in the downtown area of Charleston. This incredible place offers permanent housing for art collections that span four centuries.

The ground floor of this museum is free for all tourists. You can take your time to move around the museum's ground floor. However, you must pay to go upstairs for a more immersive experience of Charleston's artistic present and past. Make sure to linger and savor the best of art in Charleston.

5. Go to the South Carolina Aquarium and see local marine life

There is no better way to relax than taking a stroll through one of the most beautiful places and admiring the most incredible gifts of nature. The South Carolina Aquarium provides the best place to take a breather and enjoy scenic sights.

It is a waterfront aquarium that houses more than 5,000 animals. In addition, this aquarium highlights exceptional marine life from the coast to the mountain. It is also home to the Sea Turtle Care Center, which cares for injured or sick turtles.

6. See the Fort Sumter National Monument

Fort Sumter National Monument is a must-visit destination in Charleston. It is the location that contributed significantly to the American Civil War. Historic brick fortitudes, real shrapnel, and old-school cannons line the area on this site.

Fort Sumter National Monument's historical significance is that it shaped modern America. In its own right, the monument provides a picturesque site that overlooks the water. It also provides one of the best places for sunrise viewing.

7. Check out the Joe Riley Waterfront Parkway

The Joe Riley Waterfront Parkway is popular because of the Pineapple Water Fountain, which symbolizes Charleston's hospitality. This park boasts 12 acres of land and is located near Cooper River and Charleston Harbor.

Apart from the photo-worthy view of the Pineapple Water Fountain, the Joe Riley Waterfront Parkway provides an incredible site to take a stroll and enjoy the last rays of the sun. In addition, you can jump into the fountain during summer.

8. Visit the Center for Birds of Prey

The Center for Birds of Prey offers visitors special insight into the lives and amazing adaptations of almost 50 species of birds. It houses injured pelicans, hawks, owls, falcons, eagles, and many other bird species. The center treats and then releases the birds.

This place is a very captivating site to visit. You will get a chance to learn about different threats that exist to various bird species worldwide. You can also learn more about avian migratory instincts, breeding, and many more. The sight of the various birds available can be very captivating. The Center for Birds of Prey is one of the best places for bird lovers.

9. Laze at the beach

Three of the most popular beaches in the United States, Sullivan's Island Beach, Isle of Palms Beach, and Folly Beach, are only a short drive from Downtown Charleston. Each beach boasts white, soft sand that offers the perfect place to laze or have a romantic evening.

10. Stroll through the Magnolia Plantation & Gardens

The Magnolia Plantation & Gardens have a rich history that dates back to 1676. It provides a lovely sight of plant life, scenery, and much more. Strolling through this magnificent site is one of the best ways to enjoy a history lesson.

Furthermore, you can relish the beautiful opulent colors of flowers while breathing in the incredible scent of natural beauty. The scenic sight of the Magnolia Plantation & Gardens offers the perfect place to sit back, relax, and step back in time.

11. Go to the Charleston City Market and meet local artists

Charleston City Market is the cultural heart of the magnificent Charleston. It is a longstanding icon that welcomes tourists and locals and takes them through the area's historic doors as far back as the 19th century.

The city market is nestled in a 200-year-old building and houses over 300 vibrant shops with countless crafts and art vendors. It is the perfect place in Charleston to buy a unique souvenir. Once you are done with the city market, take a detour and have a ten-minute walk, where you can explore the waterfront.

Wrapping it up

Charleston, South Carolina, is rich in America's history and culture. It provides a perfect place to stroll, relax, and take phenomenal historical lessons. When touring Charleston, be prepared to sit back in time and enjoy the history that contributed significantly to modern-day America.

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