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11 Fun Off-Road Trails in Moab, Utah

Moab, Utah, has thousands of off-road trails ideal for professional and novice drivers. This area promises an adventure like no other with off-roads that will make the adrenaline rush through your veins. The best thing is that Moab satisfies everyone's unique outdoor passion.


Are you ready for the best off-road riding experience? Here is a list of the top fun off-road trails you should explore in Moab.

1. Kane Creek Canyon Trail

Kane Cree Canyon Trail is one of the best places for 4-wheeling enthusiasts. On this trail, you will tackle diverse terrain with challenging descents and ascents of slick rocks, 60 water crossings, and tight navigation via narrow canyons.

Note that this trail can be challenging. Therefore, it is only ideal for experienced off-road drivers with appropriate vehicles. This trail starts at the Main Street Junction and Kane Creek Road. It runs for about 11.3 miles and will take about three to four hours to drive through.

2. Shafer Trail

The Shafer Trail is an incredibly scenic route that goes through the Canyonlands National Park. You can begin at the Canyonlands National Park or Potash Road if you wish to take the Shafer Trail.

This trail provides one of the easiest off-road drives in Moab and is ideal for beginners and experts. The Shafer Trail is well-known for its switchbacks at the start in Canyonlands National Park. These switchbacks provide a thrilling adventure of driving up and down. Note that you will not require a permit to navigate this Shafer Trail.

3. Gemini Bridges Trail

Gemini Bridges trail is an easy and popular trail that many tourists frequent. This easy trail is ideal for both beginner and intermediate off-road drivers. It runs for 13 miles and can take about two to five hours to maximize it fully.

In addition, this trail has two bridges known as the Gemini Bridges and will take you to the top of the bridges. The Gemini Bridges trail provides one of the best places for families to explore in Moab. Note that you may encounter mountain bike riders on this trail.

4. Chicken Corners

Chicken Corners is a fun and moderate trail often frequented by SXSs, jeeps, motorcycles, and ATVs. This moderate trail has some steep rock ledges and stretches for 9 miles. The areas near the trail's end are the only rough sections of concern.

You will enjoy notable sights at the Chicken Corners Trail, like the Dead Horse Point and the Colorado River. If you fear heights, consider taking another trail, as you will encounter high terrain in the Chicken Corners.

5. Moab Rim Trail

The Moab Rim Trail is an incredibly challenging trail in Moab that will take you through a roller coaster of a drive. This trail runs for 12.9 miles and offers incredible views of the Colorado River, a ledge of purplish sandstone, snow-capped La Sal Mountains, Arches National Park, and the Moab Valley.

It is ideal for experienced off-road drivers as the Moab Rim Trail can be dangerous. You will encounter tippy, tight, and extremely challenging ledges. Thus, the trail is perfect for only individuals with excellent driving skills.

6. Fins and Things

Fins and Things promises a historical experience as you will get to off-road on Navajo Formation Slickrock, which is 200 million-year-old. This fun route stretches for 12 miles and boasts rocky overhangs, steep hill ascents, and descents.

It will take you through a roller coaster on the eastern side of Moab. This route is perfect for beginner and intermediate drivers. It will allow you to taste the Slickrock terrain in Moab while viewing the Castle Valley and La Sal Mountains.

Fins and Things can be pretty dangerous during summer because of no shade and high heat. If you wish to drive through the summer, do it in the early morning. Also, be sure to have plenty of sunscreens, food, and water while going through Fins and Things.

7. Hurrah Pass

The Hurrah Pass runs for 12.5 miles and can take two to five hours to complete. This trail will take you through an easy and scenic drive, ideal for beginners. One thing to note is that this trail becomes unusable during rain storms, so it is best used when dry.

Although most of today’s SUVs and trucks can handle a dirt back road, some have more capability than others. For instance, a Jeep is specifically modified for off-road trails, making it a great option for off-road enthusiasts looking to visit Hurrah Pass during rain storms.

Fortunately, you have a lot of financing options if you are ready to pick up a new Jeep for your Hurrah Pass adventure. You can get an auto loan through a trusted online lender, bank, or credit union to finance your rugged new Jeep.

8. Hells Revenge

Hells Revenge is a must-drive iconic off-road trail for any off-roading enthusiasts. It runs for 6.5 miles and features heart-pounding descents, steep inclines, and iconic obstacles. This trail provides one of the best places to enjoy a stunning sunset road.

It has several bypasses ideal for beginners and experts alike. In addition, you will find slick rock areas, broken rocks, several rock ledges, and sandy dirt. When you get to Hells Gate's overlook, you can enjoy the majestic view of the Colorado River and the La Sal Mountains.

9. Poison Spider Mesa

Poison Spider Mesa is a very popular trail because of its challenging nature. It offers scenic views of the Moab and La Sal Mountain. This trail stretches for 16 miles and promises an adrenaline-rich adventure.

It runs over Navajo Slickrock and has switchbacks at the begging. In addition, it features several rocky ledges, a canyon, hills, and a sandy wash. You will encounter the popular obstacle, "The Waterfall," on this route.

To take this trail, ensure that you are an expert off-roader. Note that it is recommended that you do not take this trail alone.

10. White Rim Road

This trail runs for 100 miles and winds around the Canyonlands National Park. It is incredibly scenic and rugged. It can take you about 40 hours to complete this trail. However, you do not need to complete the entire route; you can do a small section only.

Furthermore, you will need a permit to access the white-rim road. You can get the permit from or at the ranger station. You may also need an overnight permit if you opt to make the entire trail.

11. Porcupine Rim Trail

The Porcupine Rim Trail runs for 6 miles and can take you about 1.5 to 4 hours to complete. Unlike many other trails in Moab with slick rocks, this trail has a lot of loose rocks. It is also one of the bumpiest and most interesting routes you will take in Moab.

Note that there is a steep ledge at the end of the trail, and you will lean heavily towards it. Therefore, ensure you are a skilled driver if you wish to explore the Porcupine Rim Trail.

Final Remarks

Moab is a phenomenal place for off-road riding. This region has a plethora of incredible trails, ideal for every type of off-roader. There are easy off-road trails for beginners and challenging routes for experts.