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12 Prime Destinations while Road Touring the Olympic National Park

Olympic National Park boasts some of the best natural attractions in the Northwest Pacific. It consists of more than 1 million acres of land, over 16 developed campgrounds, and more than 600 miles of trails. This travel trove promises an unbelievable adventure.


With its pristine rainforest, rugged wilderness, glaciated mountain peaks, lush river valleys, tranquil lakes, and abundant wildlife, you are bound to have the time of your life. Here are the top prime destinations while road-touring the Olympic National Park.

1. La Push Beaches

An Olympic National Park road tour is incomplete without a visit to the La Push Beaches. The La Push Beaches comprise three scenic and unforgettable beaches on the Pacific Ocean. These beaches are widely known for their stunning natural formations and wildlife sighting.

Some of the wildlife you will spot include the iconic sea stacks, eagles, whales, and tide pools. Note that the La Push Beaches were once featured in the Twilight Saga movie. Therefore, if you are a Team Edward or Team Jacob fan, a tour of La Push will be a real thrill. Apart from wildlife viewing and Twilight tourism, other things you can do at this prime destination include kayaking and surfing.

2. Hoh Rain Forest

Visiting the Hoh Rain Forest brings the feeling of touring a fairy tale's enchanted forest. This prime destination is a must-visit site for most tourists in Olympic National Park. It boasts a lush, green wonderland with ferns and mosses covering each surface and tree.

Hoh Rain Forest will allow you to experience a vast, unbelievably endowed, and engaging natural wilderness. It provides one of the best places for nature photography in Olympic National Park.

3. Quinault River

The Quinault River is a stunning 69-mile river that flows on the southern side through the Enchanted Valley. It provides a great place to make a stop and enjoy the scenic view. The best way to see this beauty is by hiking the East Fork Quinault Trail.

Note that fishing is permitted on this river, so this is the place for fishing enthusiasts to be. Apart from fishing, you can participate in rafting. Quinault River has mild rapids, ensuring it is perfect for family rafting trips.

4. Kalaloch Beach

Kalaloch Beach is one of the most visited destinations of the Olympic National Park. It is a safe haven for thousands of marine species, and the Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary is responsible for protecting the marine environment.

This beach is also home to many bird species, making it an incredible place for bird watchers to visit. You will be able to spot bald eagles, western gulls, and so many other coastal bird species feeding and nesting along the Southern coast.

5. Obstruction Point Trail

The Obstruction Point Trail ranks as one of the best hiking destinations in Olympic National Park. This site provides an almost unimaginable scenery. It boasts views of epic mountain peaks in almost all directions, tranquil mountain lakes, turquoise glacial ponds, stunning alpine meadows, Olympic marmots, and retreating glaciers.

The Obstruction Point Trail is indeed a magical place and a must-stop site while road touring the national park. To get to this road, make sure to drive to Hurricane Ridge Road and go to the Observation Point.

6. Hurricane Ridge

Hurricane Ridge provides panoramic views of snow-capped mountains, Mount Olympus, and lush forests filled with evergreen trees. This site promises one of the best experiences in the national park.

To get to Hurricane Ridge, you will need to drive on Hurricane Ridge Road for about 30 minutes. Note that the road climbs from the coast to the mountains, and the closer you get to your destination, the better the views.

7. Marymere Falls

One of the best ways to experience Marymere Falls is through a hike. This prime destination is a top family favorite. The waterfall is on the northwest side of the Olympic National Park near Lake Crescent.

The Marymere Falls is only a 20-mile drive from Port Angeles and has a viewing area where you can enjoy the splendid view of cascading water. Furthermore, hiking to this destination is not strenuous; getting there will only take a mile.

8. Lake Crescent

Lake Crescent is located on the northern side of the Olympic National Park. It is a wilderness, pristine lake home to Crescent trout and Bearslee. This destination provides a perfect place to relax on the shores, kayak, or swim.

Note that the lake is incredibly deep, so be cautious if you intend to swim. In addition, temperatures at the lake can drop to 50 degrees and below; ensure you do not stay in the waters for too long.

9. Sol Duc Valley

You will find the Sol Duc Valley on the northwest side of the national park. The Sol Duc Valley has a number of incredible trails that you can explore. However, the most famous destination is the Sol Duc Falls Overlook.

The Sol Duc Falls Overlook provides an easy hike with stunning views. It will lead you to the popular Sol Duc Falls. Note that the popularity of this destination can make you encounter lots of crowds. To avoid the crowds, you can visit this destination in the early morning of the weekends.

10. Rialto Beach

Getting to Rialto Beach will leave you in a state of instantaneous awe. This beach is only a few steps away from the parking lot. It boasts stunning coastal views of offshore islands, coastal rocks and forests, tidepools, and sea stacks.

You will find Rialto Beach at the end of Mora Road. Here, you can take your time to explore the beach, camp, or backpack through the coastal wilderness.

11. Ruby Beach

Ruby Beach is one of Olympic National Park's most popular tourist destinations. It boasts grey sands with rose-colored gemstone fragments, hence the name Ruby Beach. As a significant part of the national park's shoreline, Ruby Beach offers scenic views of a dramatic wilderness, glaciers, and mountains.

This site should be a must-stop site during road touring to Olympic National Park. It has an awe-inspiring setting, with enormous piles of driftwood, surreal sets of sea stacks, and an enchanting cedar creek.

12. Shi Shi Beach

Shi Shi Beach is a picturesque sight with a rugged Olympic Coast. This beach is a significant part of the park's coastline, boasting a natural vibe and amazing scenery.

Shi Shi Beach boasts white sands and clear waters, where you can go tanning and swimming. There is also the Shi Shi Beach Trailhead which is ideal for hiking.

Bottom Line

Olympic National Park boasts a wide range of prime destinations that will ensure you feel as close to mother nature as possible. In addition to the prime destinations with scenic views, there are plenty of things to do at this national park, including swimming, hiking, kayaking, sightseeing, and tanning.

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