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12 Unique Christmas Gifts for Petrolheads and Car Lovers

Christmas is just around the corner, and the big day's gift shopping is underway. While you might have already begun buying a few small things, it's also time to spoil the petrolheads and car lovers in your life to ensure everyone celebrates the festive season in style. 


Christmas is just around the corner, and the big day's gift shopping is underway. While you might have already begun buying a few small things, it's also time to spoil the petrolheads and car lovers in your life to ensure everyone celebrates the festive season in style.

However, since car enthusiasts are wildly different people, gifting them can be tricky, especially if you aren't into vehicles or are not a real petrolhead. Don't worry, though. Here are the coolest and most valuable gifts for petrolheads and car lovers that will impress car enthusiasts of all ages this Christmas season.

Car and driver patrol dash cam

A car and driver's road patrol dash cam can make a great gift for any petrolhead or car enthusiast. This affordable cam features 1080 HD video and a supplemental in-build camera, and it easily mounts through a suction cup. Its 3.0-inch touchscreen is easy to use, and the 150-degree wide-angle front camera and a 110-degree interior camera concurrently capture the road ahead and your car's cabin.

This cam also has a built-in GPS, which automatically records your driving location, route, and speed, which can ensure your petrolhead has all the information they need for every journey. To get a whole package, including a hardwired rearview camera, go for the Nexbase 622GW front and rear camera kit.

Phone car mount or holder

Fumbling around for your phone while driving is not only frustrating but can also be very dangerous. However, using your phone for navigation, taking calls, or filling your drive with music and podcasts when you are on the road is inevitable.

A good phone holder will help your petrolhead mitigate some of these risks by keeping their phone in sight while they keep their eyes on the road. It also keeps their phone secure and prevents it from falling on the floor or between the car seats. Look for a holder that can angle the phone to the driver's preference, is easy to mount and dismount different phone models, and has additional features such as charging capabilities.

Artistic car print

An elegant print of their favorite car is a great Christmas gift for any car enthusiast. They can display the photo in their house if they are lucky enough or find a spot in their parking lot where they can admire it while working on their car.

Get your loved one a retro print, such as Steve McQueen's Le Mans Movie Poster. This stylish print was made to honor one of the greatest racing films ever and is a great addition to any home office or garage. It also comes in a wide range of sizes.

Driving experience days

Auto manufacturers are always eager to demonstrate how amazing some of their cars are capable of when it comes to performance. Most also have dedicated driving areas at suitable venues. For instance, Porsche has its Experience Center at Silverstone, while Mercedes-Benz has its facility at the old Brooklands track.

If your loved one fancies getting away from it all after spending Christmas entertaining their family, a Land Rover Experience could be the answer and might make a perfect gift for them. The experience is held at nine different locations and includes a one-hour taster session, a full day's driving over and via terrain that will take their breath away.

If they don't want to drive their own car, most companies offer "ride of a lifetime" trips in the Lamborghinis or Ferraris passenger seats. They also don't have to worry as there will be an instructor with them all the time to ensure they get the most from the day.

Matching toy car

For most petrolheads, their car is their joy and pride. If you have a car enthusiast, you probably have seen them looking for a way to steer a conversation towards their own treasured car.

Try to embrace the passion of the car lover in your life by getting them something that they will really appreciate. Buying them a matching replica toy car is the best in the relationship between a loved one and their car. Besides making the pair complete, it looks fantastic placed on the dashboard.

Apple AirTag

Nearly everyone has one person in their life who is prone to misplacing just about anything. While car keys are likely to be attached to a key holder with other more essential keys, they are common items that can easily be misplaced.

An Apple AirTag is a relatively affordable item you can gift a car lover who is forever losing their keys. It can be connected to almost any item, thanks to Apple's "Find My" function; it will give you the exact location of the missing key. You could also have it engraved with a unique message if you want a personal touch.

Wireless car charger

A magnetic wireless car charger is one of the top makers of Apple accessories and an amazing gift for MagSafe-toting iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 users. This wireless charger is designed to connect to an air vent, and it enlarges as an iPhone mount with portrait mode and available landscape.

Like most Satechi products, this charger features a sleek aluminum housing with a space gray finish. It also comes with a USB-C cable.

A piece of car wash kit

Every car lover wants to keep their vehicle clean and as good as when they drove it out of the showroom. Thus, a complete car wash kit from Autogylm can be a perfect treat for the petrolhead in your life. It's also an ideal gift for a motor-proud kind of person.

An Autogylm car cleaning kit contains everything you need to properly clean a car, including bodywork, wheels, and interior. It's packed with cleaning equipment such as a shampoo container, wheel protector, and resin polish. The kit also comes with a sponge, a microfiber towel, and a finishing cloth, meaning you don't need to buy anything else when cleaning your car.

Driving force racing wheel

The best next thing to driving is pretending to drive. Therefore, a Logitech G920 racing wheel can be an amazing gift for petrolheads who like whizzing around circuits or love racing games. This wheel has an elegant design, great craftsmanship, simple controls, and exceptional in-game force feedback.

This cross-platform Logitech also comes with high-quality pedals, meaning you can plug it into your favorite game for a better racing session. The product is compatible with PC and Xbox One racing games, and you can get it when you buy a PlayStation gamer.

A pair of Piloti Avenue shoes

When you hear the word "driving shoes," the first image to come to your mind is likely the fireproof boots professional racing drivers wear to the track. However, souters have handcrafted smooth, burnished leather Piloti Avenue shoes that perfectly balance formal and casual styles. This luxurious sneaker features an anti-microbial lining and includes a cork or compressed recycled foam and EVA insole that offer extra comfort and breathability for all-day wear.

Piloti's patented Roll Control 2.0 heel technology enhances smooth movement in the pedal box and uniform distribution of downward force. A gentle forefoot facilitates a better pedal feel and feedback, while the rounded sole edges avoid catching when changing from one pedal to another.

Spanner bottle opener

A fabulous bottle opener from the Spanner Cutlery range is another great gift for any car lover and bike enthusiast. This lovely, high-quality bottle opener features a fully functional 14mm open-ended spanner on the end and comes in a retro gift box with a lid.

Most spanner bottle openers come with unique wording like, "Beer is always a good idea," which can be a classic gift with purpose. You don't need to be a mechanic to appreciate the beauty of these bottle openers.

Tool bag

As the festive season ends and the work days resume, you will require a large enough bag to carry all your dinner leftovers and everyday tools. A Land Rover bag can be an excellent gift to get the petrolhead in your life before they restart their daily job. This bag is tough and versatile enough for daily grind and flexible for weekends.

Wrapping it up

Everyone needs inspiration, be it getting something for the office, Secret Santa, or anything to put under the tree for Christmas morning. Fortunately, with these motoring-themed gifts, you are sure to delight a car enthusiast in your life and put a smile on their face. You have no excuse not to spoil the petrolhead or car lover this Christmas.

That said, there are times when you may feel extra generous and want to gift a car. Perhaps your kid has just received their driver's license, or your best friend is financially struggling and needs a means to get around.

However, since gifting a car is a bit different from buying your own car, ensure you pay off your auto loan and can afford to pay gift tax. You may need to reconsider gifting them if they can't afford common car ownership expenses, such as paying for auto insurance, gas, maintenance, and repairs.