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13 Safety Tips for Driving in Texas During Spring

The spring season in Texas gives drivers the excitement to drive on country roads, which are mostly filled with blossoming flowers. The season also reduces the worry of freezing in the cold as the weather gets warmer. It serves as a great opportunity for you to unwind.


Many people think that only the winter season poses the greatest driving hazards. Still, it is also important for you to be aware of the dangers that are associated with driving during the Spring season.

Potential driving hazards during spring

The shift from Winter to spring leads to more accidents in Texas as most drivers’ stop being overly cautious as they were during Winter. Here are some of the most prevalent hazards during spring:

  • Sun glare is responsible for accidents as it might blind you and prevent you from seeing beyond the horizon while driving.
  • Drivers should be on the lookout for increased motorcyclists on roads during spring.
  • Increased number of children playing outside.
  • Increased number of animals on roads.
  • Spring season is also associated with frequent rainstorms.
  • Presence of invisible potholes.
  • Increase in construction activities, especially on roads.

Safety tips for driving in Texas during spring

Being aware of the hazards and navigating them keeps you and other road users safe. Below are some of the safety driving tips you should consider during spring.

1. Watch out for potholes

The winter season leaves many potholes on roads. Heavy rains and ice initially fill these potholes, making them unnoticeable. You need to be aware of the potential existence of these potholes during spring, as they may seriously damage your car if you are not careful. Some damages that potholes might cause on your car include punctures, interference with wheel alignment, and the suspension system, which may be costly for you to repair.

2. Be on the lookout for motorcyclists

The spring season also brings back most motorcycles on the roads as it is also conducive for them to ride. Since motorcycles are smaller and faster, they may appear randomly on the roads, and you need to look out for any approaching motorcycles to avoid accidents. Ensure you also respect the motorcyclists, as it is also a right for them to be on the roads. Most importantly, ensure you maintain a safe braking distance while following motorcycles.

3. Be aware of increased animal activity

Like humans, animals also come out of hibernation during spring. Many animals begin to mate and look for food during this season, increasing your chances of coming into contact with them on the roads. When driving near forests, ensure that you are extra cautious, slow down and adhere to the road signs indicating wildlife crossing in such places.

4. Slow down during rainstorms

Sudden thunderstorms characterize Texas during spring. It is important to note that rain makes roads more slippery, especially when it comes into contact with oil and grease, which are some of the major contaminants on roads. Hence, this impairs your car's braking capability and interferes with the normal stopping distance of your vehicle. Therefore, ensure you give yourself ample space to break safely and avoid taking quick turns and stops.

5. Take note of other pedestrians and children playing outside

With the warm nature of the spring season, most people in Texas get outside to enjoy the weather with their families. Children also enjoy playing outside at this time after a long period of being indoors. When driving through residential areas, pay attention to pedestrians on crosswalks, adhere to the road signs, and, if possible, slow down to avoid crashing with pedestrians.

6. Replace tires

Tires being part of your car touching the road should be thoroughly checked before driving during spring. Worn tires reduce traction, thus interfering with steering and braking. They also lead to the consumption of more fuel. You need to replace such tires and also ensure that you maintain the proper tire pressure, which will help your car to handle the slippery roads better. Having proper tires also reduces your fuel consumption and the potential damage that might be caused by potholes on your car.

7. Check your lights, windows, and wipers

In preparation for the frequent rainstorms during spring in Texas, you need to counter-check your car's lighting system and the functionality of the windshield wipers. During spring, your visibility might be compromised by rain. Ensure your windows are clean on the inside and the outside to improve your view. Also, replace any broken wiper blades to improve your visibility. All your lights should also be functional to avoid being caught up on low visibility during a rainstorm.

8. Be aware of your medication

Medication side effects such as drowsiness may increase your chances of getting into an accident. With a lot of activities taking place on Texas roads during spring, you need to note if there are any side effects that you are experiencing from your drugs before getting on the road.

9. Pay attention to ongoing construction

With the probable damage caused on roads during Winter, it is common for construction crews in Texas to repair such damages during spring. Hence, ensure safety while driving near construction zones by following the signs displayed, changing lanes properly, slowing down, and being attentive to avoid colluding with the construction workers and equipment.

10. Avoid drunk driving

Drinking and driving put your life and other road users at risk. The Texas Department of Transportation is very keen on impaired driving and has stringent penalties regarding this. The best way to avoid DWI arrest is to refrain from getting behind the wheel if you have consumed alcohol. Alternatively, ensure you make other travel plans if you intend to consume alcohol.

11. Prepare for sun glare

Sun glare causes most road accidents, especially during sunrise and sunset, when the sun aligns directly with the sight of the drivers. It would be best if you prepared in advance by having a proper pair of sunglasses in your car to avoid blinding that comes from the sun glare. If the sun's glare is intense, you can change the direction of your drive and ensure you keep your windshield clean.

12. Buckle up

Seatbelts come in handy in the event of a crash. Wearing seat belts and properly buckling up kids minimize the risk of serious injuries or even death in a crash. Always ensure that you and the other passengers in your car fasten your safety belts during spring drives.

13. Understand your route

Most spring drives come as random ideas of unwinding and having fun. However, it is important for you to carefully study the route you decide to take for your drive. This prepares you for the conditions of the roads and the activities taking place around that area. Proper knowledge of your route makes you less likely to get distracted, making your drive safer and enjoyable.

Summing it up

It is exciting to take drives during the beautiful spring weather. However, this can turn tragic if you do not notice the potential driving hazards associated with the season. Therefore, you must be aware of these hazards and the available options for avoiding them. If you don’t have cas in hand to pay for a new car, an auto loan can help you buy one, whether new or used. Make smart decisions and ensure you and the people around you keep safe during the spring.