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Publish Date - August 12, 2019

Author: Greg Thibodeau

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3 Key Advantages of Direct Car Finance

Are you looking for affordable car finance options? Do you want to avoid dealer loans that have a high markup or added extra fees? Learn 3 key advantages of direct to consumer auto loan financing and how it can save money in the long run.

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Do You Need a Car Loan?

Are you struggling to keep money in your pockets? Besides your food, clothing and rent, you might also have a myriad of other expenses to deal with. All it takes is one natural disaster or accident to put you behind the eight ball.

Unfortunately, bad things happen to good people. And, you might have gotten more than your share of bad luck. But, let’s say you need an automobile loan. Most families have multiple cars to provide them with transportation for work and play. What are your best options for vehicle financing?

Fortunately, if you want to finance a car, there is a site that makes the process very easy for you. The site is

Why Working With a Direct Lender is Smart

Most dealers have a captive audience. Some people want to go the dealer for everything since that has been the process in the past. Dealerships figure that since you are looking at their cars, you will simply get financing from them too. But why should you? Dealerships charge higher prices because they cater to those who have no alternative. Fortunately, direct to consumer car loan financing through a lending platform that has many lenders is a viable alternative.

1. Compare Car Financing Options

We are a direct to consumer lending platform that provides you with the opportunity to compare auto finance offers from up to four different lenders. This way, you can select the best lender that best fits your needs. Avoid the dealer for financing since you will not be able to compare rates and terms.

Gain real empowerment with a higher level of control over your new or used auto finance needs. With more choices, you win. You become an empowered consumer. You have freedom of choice with our auto finance direct to consumer lending platform.

2. Up to 4 Loan Offers

Not all car loans are created equal. With only one option from the dealer for a new or used car financing loan, you might feel stuck. You need a car loan but you don’t want to agree to unfavorable terms or conditions. Auto finance is an important commitment. It will tie up a portion of your future earnings. That is why you must find the best car loan that fits your budget.

With our direct loan lending platform, you could get up to 4 loan offers. That should provide you with plenty of room to maneuver. Choice is a wonderful thing – You can see what is available and select which is best for you.

We empower you with the means to get the transportation, you need. How many people have perfect credit today? There are so many groups trying to siphon off your funds; we understand that good people might have bad credit. Our loans cover the full credit spectrum.

3. More Affordable Loans

Economics 101 teaches that those with a monopoly can charge higher prices. The dealer has the advantage when you find the car you want to finance. Why should he offer you cheap car financing when you are in a hurry to make the purchase and move on?

Many dealerships believe you won’t go anywhere else. You might go to the dealer lot and figure you can get car maintenance and car financing in the same place. But, that might be too costly, especially on the finance side of things. When you have 4 different car loan offers, you get to choose! What could be better than that? You choose which lender is going to meet your needs best.

Unlike the dealer, getting up to 4 direct financing offers allow you to select who you want to work with. Since the lenders are competing for you business they know that they must be more efficient and provide competitive financing options. They must offer an affordable loan to seal the deal. At, with our direct auto finance options, you are likely to find a more affordable loan and one that works best for you. If you want a cost-effective process, we offer it. We are in 48 states and empower the consumer.

Cut out the middle man markup. Direct car financing on our lending platform provides you with car financing at an affordable price. Don’t be afraid to try it yourself. It’s easy and fast with no obligation. Why not save some cash when you can choose the car loan that is best for you? Try it. Get the best deal with our direct auto financing for new, used and even auto refinance loans.