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5 Best Cars to Rent in Dubai

Dubai is the richest emirate of the UAE because of tourism and work opportunities. People of Dubai no matter if they are residents or tourists prefer to travel in their cars.


Dubai is the richest emirate of the UAE because of tourism and work opportunities. People of Dubai no matter if they are residents or tourists prefer to travel in their cars. They are quite crazy about cars and their love for cars has made Dubai the catalog itself for sports and luxury cars. You will be amazed to know that even the police of Dubai patrol in sports cars. For now, almost every popular car brand manufacturers set their roots in Arab because of that.

The rise of tourism also increased the Rent a Car Dubai demand. Whether people are in Dubai for work or vacations, they love to travel to a city of gold in their car. There are several reasons behind that as cars and fuel are cheap in the UAE. While exploring this beautiful city, you have a chance to drive your favorite vehicle. It can be a sports car, luxurious SUV, or a Lamborghini.

Here is the list of the top 5 best cars to rent in Dubai. You can book any of them according to your budget and desire from any reputed car rental agency.

1. Brabus Rocket 900

Though Mercedes Benz S65 AMG is potentially powerful due to its two turbos V12 engine, still people find it not enough to fulfill their needs. If you are also looking for a more powerful car than Mercedes, go for Brabus Company. This company modifies, upgrades, and takes the normal Mercedes motors to peak potential.

Brabus did the same with the S65 to make it a rocket-like car. This upgraded S65 version is a Brabus Rocket 900 that is an awesome car to drive. It is not only amazing in its powerful V12 engine that generates 885 foot-pounds torque and 888 horse power but also comes with a gold-colored exterior. This rocket 900 gold edition is available for rent in Dubai to enjoy a novel thrilling experience of driving.

2. Hyundai Elantra

The Hyundai Elantra is another top-rated sedan on the marketplace right now. This is an automated transmission 5-seater car having a powerful engine of 1.6 liters fuel capacity. You can use this motor as a super sport car by utilizing its power steering and wheel controls. This luxury car has cruise control, leather seats, a moon, and a sunroof.

Elantra cars have digital features such as a digital system for unlocking doors and starting engines. Noteworthy is that a compatible smartphone is required in it. An excellent part of the classy Hyundai digital key is the flexibility and game-changing power that comes into the hands easily from smartphones. Connect your smartphone with this car and enjoy your Dubai trip.

3. Chevrolet Camaro

The Chevrolet Camaro is known as the Bumblebee of the automobile industry. This powerful V8 engine car comes with 2 wheel drive, automated transmission, steering wheel control, and power steering. You will be glad to see its consoling features like cruise control, paddle shifters, keyless entry, and start, and reversing cameras.

Another awe-inspiring thing about this car is its magnetic ride control. This technology modifies and reads the road damping in just 10 to 15 milliseconds. No worries if you can’t buy this luxurious car. You can still enjoy its drive-by renting it from Cheap Rent a Car Dubai during the UAE trip.

4. Toyota Land Cruiser

Toyota is one of the most popular car brands in the UAE and almost 23% of people search for this car. They manufacture the most awesome cars and provide consistent quality for years as compared to other brands. The land cruiser comes with a horsepower of 127 kW along with a displacement of 4461 CC. The best thing about the Toyota land cruiser is that it is desert friendly so you can enjoy desert Safari and other road trips in Dubai.

With a Toyota land cruiser, you can get a mileage of 11 KMPH. The main attractions that are worth mentioning are its wireless charger, 4 zone AC, dual rear camera, 4.2-inch display, and more. All these features make this car an excellent choice for road trips. Also, if you are a large group of travelers or you are moving with your folks, there is no best choice other than Toyota land cruiser.

5. Solid Gold Lamborghini

Lamborghini designs the ideal cars that are a sight to behold and excellent engine power. It is one of the most expensive brands to own but you can rent it out during your Dubai trip without costing much money. This sexy car is owned by almost every millionaire and celebrity all over the world. It is also one of the most desirable cars around the world.

The interesting fact about this car is that it is made of solid gold. The block of gold weighs around 1100 pounds. You can get this car in Dubai for formal meetings or just to enjoy a ride.

Moreover, if you are on a little tight budget, you can also get Cheap Rent a Car Dubai services to hire an economical car. We recommend booking a car from Rental cars UAE as it is one of the best agencies to rent or lease a car for your Dubai trip. If you are in Dubai for work purposes, you can get a leased vehicle, but you can opt for weekly or monthly car rental as a tourist. In case you are looking for the best car finance options, you will learn all the details from It is the most reliable platform to find loans that are suitable for you. Moreover, there are no hidden charges.

Summing up

We have the listed 5 best cars to rent in Dubai in this blog. All these cars are extremely luxurious and best valued. Besides that, you will have the chance to drive these amazing cars without spending a bank. So what are you waiting for? Book any of these cars today and enjoy a memorable Dubai trip with your folks.