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5 Driving Careers and The Best Vehicle to Use

As someone who loves to hit the open road, finding a driving job offers you the ultimate opportunity to make money doing what you love.


As someone who loves to hit the open road, finding a driving job offers you the ultimate opportunity to make money doing what you love. Driving careers tend to offer lucrative pay due to the long hours that you’ll spend on the road, and there are several positions that also allow you to work independently. When the thought of climbing behind the wheel sounds much better than sitting in an office, check out these driving jobs that can help you launch an amazing career.

Start a Courier Service

Grocery and fast food deliveries aren’t the only services that require drivers. While those jobs tend to hire independent contractors, you’ll typically need to work for a parent company. Starting a courier job allows you to work as an independent operator, but you will need to do some marketing.

Many businesses need people to drive parts, paperwork and other essentials from one location to another. Depending upon the size of the items you anticipate delivering, you might be able to use your normal vehicle. Or, you might need to upgrade to a van or pick-up truck to meet the needs of a growing business.

Become a Chauffeur or Shuttle Driver

If you live near an airport or train station, then you also likely stay within close proximity to people who’d prefer to leave their vehicle at home while they travel. Shuttle drivers can work for a transportation company, or you might be able to operate independently by offering your services to people in your community.

Typically, you’ll need a general driver’s license and auto insurance. Choosing a vehicle with good gas mileage is important for helping you to maintain higher profits. Some people also use a van for their shuttle service to allow for picking up more passengers.

Chauffeuring is simply a fancier way to provide ride shares to other people. For this career, you might want to purchase a luxury vehicle, such as a limousine to attract customers that are planning a special experience. Chauffeur drivers tend to have the most business during the prom, wedding and holiday seasons.

Help Kids Get to School

School bus drivers are in high demand in many locations right now. Most school districts offer comfortable salaries along with health insurance and retirement packages that make driving a bus a lucrative career over time. To drive a school bus, you’ll need a CDL license, and most districts require you to also have a high school diploma or GED.

Depending upon the district that hires you, they may offer training for your CDL. You’ll also likely be required to participate in emergency training to earn your CPR and First Aid certification, since you’ll be responsible for the children on your bus.

Operate As An Independent Truck Driver

Trucking careers are the ultimate option for people who view spending their days or nights on the road as a dream come true. If you’ve always wanted to drive a big rig, then this is the career for you. Independent truck drivers can choose to operate as a long or short-haul driver. As a long haul driver, you can expect to drive your 18-wheeler between states and often on overnight trips. Short haul drivers are typically home each night, but many independent drivers also take requests for long trips as well.

Many people become independent truck drivers after working for a company to gain some experience. Others go directly into this career out of a desire to have control over their schedules and routes. You’ll need an 18-wheeler to get started as an independent operator along with your CDL. It’s also important to obtain 18-wheeler insurance to protect yourself financially from being responsible for covering property damage or injuries that occur while you are on the road. Treating your new career as a business helps to protect your interests as you enjoy driving on the open roads.

Teach Other People to Drive

The world needs good drivers, and you might be just the right person to make other people’s dreams come true. Many retired drivers choose to become a driving instructor to pass down their knowledge to teens earning their first license or truck drivers embarking upon a new career. You could also choose this position if teaching is also your passion.

Driving instructors must possess patience and be capable of staying calm during potentially erratic road conditions. You’ll need a strong, blemish-free driving history along with the ability to produce licensing and certifications that align with the type of instructing you’ll be doing. CDL driving instructors might be called upon to train new truck drivers, or you could work for a school district training bus drivers.

As a driving instructor, you will typically be using your employer’s fleet of vehicles to train new drivers. Truck drivers may also bring their vehicle to trainings, especially when you are teaching on an individual basis. Keep in mind, however, that you may be responsible for making sure that your certifications and licenses are up-to-date.

Starting a driving career requires carefully considering how you’ll spend your day in a specific position. Once you’ve settled on a type of driving job that fits your interests, you’ll then want to take the appropriate steps to prepare. From obtaining special certifications and licenses to making sure that you have the right vehicle and auto insurance coverage, setting yourself up for success as a driver is worth the effort when you can earn an income doing what you love.