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Publish Date - April 19, 2022

Author: Jessica Fender

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5 Things College Students Should Know About Auto Insurance

Driving on the road without a license or learner's permit is a crime whether you are a college student or an adult. However, nothing teaches you about understanding the risks of car ownership like having auto insurance.

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Driving on the road without a license or learner's permit is a crime whether you are a college student or an adult. However, nothing teaches you about understanding the risks of car ownership like having auto insurance. Common activities amongst students worldwide include going on road trips, partying, and having night-outs in a car. In case of an emergency, you need a safety net to fall on, and auto insurance is just the right thing. In this article, we will be looking at some of the facts students need to know about auto insurance.

It is challenging to be a college student. While you are in school, you have to turn in assignments, go to class, and participate in club activities, among many other things. Sometimes this can be overwhelming for a student. Most young people spend an entire day in school only to go home to write an essay that must be submitted the next day.

This can be tough for a teenager, and this is why there is an writing service that can help you write a good essay in a short period of time so that you won't have to bother about missing submission deadlines and focus on the rest of your daily activities. Students who own cars have a better chance of showing up to class on time to submit essays and assignments compared to those who don’t. However, there is an ever-present chance of accidents when you have a car, and that is where auto insurance comes in handy.

Let us begin by finding out what auto insurance means.

What Is Student Auto Insurance?

Student auto insurance or student car insurance is insurance that covers any damages to your car when you are a student. Various students, especially those who live on campus, use their cars to run errands and go on local trips. Students who don’t stay within the college campus drive their cars to college and back to their homes daily.

Student auto insurance covers inevitable accidents and costs of maintenance that students might incur due to ownership of a car. Auto insurance is necessary for every student that drives daily. Not every student can afford a car, however, you can get a loan to acquire a car if your daily routine demands you to own one.

Why Is It Paramount for College Students To Have Auto Insurance?

College students, in general, do not have a means of getting income regularly, and on this note, a minor dent in the body of your car will cost you a lot in terms of repairs. Not having auto insurance is unwise; if you are involved in a major accident, you or your educational sponsor would have to take care of the bill for both your upkeep and your car repairs.

If you are an on-campus resident, your auto insurance must be registered in your name. However, if you live with your parents, you can either decide to get your auto insurance in your name or be included in your parents' insurance policy.

What Should You Pay Attention to in Auto Insurance for Students?

There are certain standard points to consider when selecting auto insurance for college students. If you are new to driving, you should consider getting comprehensive collision coverage.

Comprehensive coverage helps you take care of the costs if your car gets damaged from vandalism, hail, or any unforeseen circumstance or if the car is stolen. Some of these things could happen when students park their cars outside the school when they drive to class.

Collision coverage covers costs incurred in paying for repairs if you are involved in an accident where you crash into another car.

The Nature of Auto Insurance Premiums for College Students

The nature of auto insurance premiums is determined by the college's location, your age, the state in which you live, and several other factors. Auto insurance premiums are higher for younger students. This is because younger students have more claims and get into more accidents than other members of society who are licensed to drive.

Another reason why auto insurance premiums can be high is if your residential area is prone to crime or theft. Premium value for auto insurance varies based on the student's unique profile.

Are There Auto Insurance Discounts for College Students?

There are auto insurance discounts that college students can access, which will allow them to pay low-cost premiums. Some of them include:

  • Good grade discount: This is easily available to you under the condition that you can provide proof that your academic performance is high.
  • Resident student discount: This discount allows you to pay a lower premium if you leave your car at home because you live on campus. After all, you won't be driving the car much.
  • Good driver discount: You can access this discount as long as you have not been in an accident in five years or the amount of time dictated by the policy.
  • Society membership discounts: You are only eligible for this if you are a member of any honors societies, sororities, or fraternities.

How Can I Find the Best Auto Insurance Rates for College Students?

The fastest and easiest way to find auto insurance that a college student can afford is to compare the rates of various online insurance providers.

After comparing their offers, you can then select the agency whose auto insurance plan you prefer. You can as well ask to be included in the plan of your parents if that’s what you want.


Having looked at some of the points to consider auto insurance for college students, you should now know why you need auto insurance if you have a car or intend to get one. The major benefit of auto insurance is paying a lesser amount of money for any damages to your car. If you don’t have auto insurance yet, hurry and get one today.