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Publish Date - August 09, 2021

Author: Melisa Marzett

Categories:   Tips & Insights For Car Buying    Auto Loans & Financing   

5 things students need to know before buying and financing a vehicle

Does a student need a car? What does your personal transport get you, and what responsibilities does it impose on a person? We decided to figure it out, and it will be ... an honest detective.

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Does a student need a car? What does your personal transport get you, and what responsibilities does it impose on a person? We decided to figure it out, and it will be ... an honest detective.

Just kidding :) These will be useful recommendations for you. We will try to objectively assess all the pros and cons of a car for a student.

So, first, let's figure out if a student still needs a car? Someone will immediately say yes, they need it, someone no, they don't.

Here opinions will be divided approximately in half, i.e. each of you, dear readers, have their own living conditions. Some live a big city life, while others live in a small town or a village.

Accordingly, each of you will have an individual need for a car, and, therefore, your own answer to the question: Does a student need a car?

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A car for a student is an indicator of his greatness

Probably one of the most compelling arguments in favor of buying a car for yourself is that a car is an indicator of your position among your own kind. How do people usually imagine a student?

A student is a person with notes and books, who goes to classes by bus or subway. And then you, in your own car, come to study... Of course, all eyes will be riveted to you. And, if you are now looking for a girlfriend, then the status of "driver" will definitely help you with this. Students go crazy for guys who have a car of their own.

The car must be consistent with your status, therefore, if you want to make an impression on people, buy nothing at all, but at least a car in a good condition. Each to his own taste. Some people like older vehicles, some newer ones.

We cannot advise you anything specific. Just remember that the car is your reflection. If it is unkempt and dirty, then people will think the same about you. Therefore, think about what you are buying.

Another pro argument is the fact that some students study not in large cities, but in branch campuses. Therefore, they have the opportunity to live not in a dormitory, but at home.

In this regard, they have to travel by bus every day to the college and back. And buses for students, if you don't know, is something. Always overcrowded, plus sometimes old ladies with seedlings go to the country house... Then you can hardly get in at all.

A car of one's own is an entirely different thing. You wake up peacefully, not thinking about whether you would stand all the way or sit, get into my own car and drive off to study with peace of mind. By the way, you can pick up people like that every day for money.

You still drive alone. So you drive up to a bus stop where people are waiting for the bus and say: "Who needs a ride... by car for the price of a bus ticket?" By the way, here's an example of a part-time job for a student. Just make sure that the taxi drivers don't see this, otherwise they are hell of lads... In general, be careful in this case.

He that would eat the fruit, must climb the hill

Now let's talk about the other side of the coin. What does the car put on you? The very first thing, of course, is getting the driving license. A car for a student will remain in his dreams if he does not take the driver's test.

Learning how to drive, theoretical courses and taking the test itself, all together take about 3 months. Plus, be so kind as to give about $400 - that is the average cost of learning at a driving school today.

Do you have that kind of money? Do you? Or will you take it from your parents? And who will give you gas - are they also? Well, don't forget about the money for the car itself. Moreover, all these expenses only open the list of your next expenses for the car operation.

Then there will be spare parts, tires, oil, gasoline pumps ... An everlasting list of constantly breaking spare parts. And remember, the older the car, the more something breaks. Inverse proportion has long been noticed here.

By the way, here's another reason for you to buy a more or less new car. Although it is more expensive, you will save more on spare parts and everything else.

Another disadvantage of buying a car for a student is that you must be able to deal with breakdowns at least at a basic level. Namely, to replace the wheel, check the spark plugs, etc.

Every driver should be able to do these very basic things! If you don't even know how to do this, then we must advise you against using any car. In general, it would be nice if you can fix the car yourself, if anything happens.

However, do not forget that you are a student and you have no time to lie under the car in the evenings. You need to study. What is the way out of this situation? There are two possible solutions to the problem: either you find someone from your relatives (father, grandfather) who will repair your car if something happens to it, or you pay the n-th amount to a car service and a professional will do everything for you there. Again, you need to pay. Where did you get so much money?

Conclusion: Owning a car is very honorable for a student. You can make an impression on others, and this is what most people want, especially young people. If you are looking for a soul mate, then having a car increases your chances. The main thing is that the car is in a good condition, because it will reflect your position in society. Plain and simple!

However, keep in mind that a car is not only a means of transport and an indicator of your well-being, but also a bottomless “eater” of your money. If you want to buy a car, then check all the pros and cons ten times before you decide to buy yourself a car.

The main conclusion from the whole article is this:

If you want to buy yourself a car, then you must have a source of constant income, because the car requires constant spending of money on gas, spare parts, payment of fines, etc.

We really hope that now, before you are going to buy yourself a car, you will remember our article and figure out whether you can afford a car or not. If not, then don't be discouraged, your whole life is still ahead of you. You will have a bunch of cars, very different.

The main thing is to study well and conscientiously, and the team of academic editors always want to sincerely help you with this!