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6 Great American Classic Car Drives You'll Love

Driving a classic car is a unique experience and your classic car drive deserves a fantastic destination. These places are a collection of historic, quirky, artistic, inspiring, and whimsical locations to visit. Check out these 6 American classic car drives that you’re certain to love.


Driving a classic car is a unique experience and your classic car drive deserves a fantastic destination. These places are a collection of historic, quirky, artistic, inspiring, and whimsical locations to visit. Check out these 6 American classic car drives that you’re certain to love.

1. New Orleans, LA

New Orleans is quirky, laid back, full of life, and just the kind of place you want to visit on your classic car drive. Undoubtedly when most people think of New Orleans, they imagine Mardi Gras. Make a stop at Blaine Kern's Mardi Gras World and check out this one of a kind museum where you can get up close with Mardi Gras’ floats and go behind the scenes to learn what goes into the production of the event.

Head for the famed Garden District where you can spot numerous historic homes. Visit Frenchmen Street for art and live music such as can be enjoyed at The Spotted Cat Music Club. The French Quarter is a must see for its rich history and diverse architecture as well as the music, art, and high energy nightlife of Bourbon Street.

New Orleans is a goldmine for lovers of art and music. The Treme's Petit Jazz Museum will take you on a journey of the story of jazz. An off the beaten path wonder, Studio Be is an art gallery of truly moving works. Art is sprinkled throughout this city just as it is at The Sydney and Walda Besthoff Sculpture Garden at NOMA. This outdoor art museum blends gardens and sculptures into fantastic sights.

2. Seligman, AZ

Take your classic car on Route 66 and drive into the historic district of Seligman for some quirky retro fun. A great stop in Seligman is Angel & Vilma Delgadillo's Route 66 Gift Shop & Visitor's Center. Here you can learn about the history of Route 66 and meet the people who led that charge to save this iconic highway.

Visit the Return to the 50s gift shop for memorabilia, collectibles, and unique gifts. The place is more museum than store with a truly nostalgic vibe. The Rusty Bolt, the Route 66 Motoporium, and the Rt 66 Hippie Cricket are more unique and charming places to pick up some Route 66 souvenirs and classic collectibles. Stop for coffee at The Historic Seligman Sundries and then tour their museum and gift shop too.

3. Vernal, UT

Vernal is the place for dinosaur lovers and history buffs. Plan your classic car drive through Vernal and see if you can spot the Pink Brontosaurus and the Seasonally Decorated Dinosaur. Stop at the Utah Field House of Natural History State Park to learn about the history of the area and explore the dinosaur garden and fossil dig.

If you’re looking for a spot to stretch your legs, enjoy hiking to 200-million-year-old dinosaur tracks at Red Fleet State Park and then have a picnic in the sandstone landscape. Fantasy Canyon is a fabulous spot to get out of your car and explore the truly unusual rock formations. At McConkie Ranch you can take a short hike to view one of the best petroglyphs sites in the US.

Continue on your historic adventure at the Uintah County Heritage Museum where you can find some exceptional exhibits. The John Jarvie Ranch is a palace that will whisk you back to the days of the old west. Not only can you view the relics and exhibits from days gone by, you can visit one of Butch Cassidy's gang's favorite hideouts.

4. Clarksdale, MS

If you’re a blues fan your classic car drive needs to include a tour through Clarksdale in Mississippi. Tour the Delta Blues Museum for a trip through the history of the blues and view cool artifacts, costumes, and instruments. The Stan Streets Hambone Art Gallery is another great stop. Here you can view and buy art and if you’re lucky you might see a live band play on their stage.

Clarksdale is a blues mecca and there are plenty of locations to enjoy some live music while you kick back with a bite to eat. New Roxy, Red's Lounge, and the Ground Zero Blues Club are all fabulous options. But if you’re looking for a less touristy and more authentic experience then Hopson Plantation Commissary is the place for you.

5. San Francisco, CA

A tour up the Pacific Coast Highway is a great choice for your classic car drive. Be sure to stop in San Francisco where you’ll feel like a star driving along the iconic Golden Gate Bridge. The city has a big and bold personality and a number of neighborhoods that each have their own feel and charm.

Visit San Francisco’s Chinatown for an exotic experience of tea houses, mahjong parlors, pagoda roofs, and colorful shops. Drive down the world’s crookedest street and see how your classic car fares on the slalom among the flower beds. The California Academy of Sciences is a great stop with something for everyone in this aquarium, planetarium, rainforest, and museum.

Give your classic car a rest and take to the seas. A short boat trip will bring you to Alcatraz Island where you can take a guided tour. Catch a baseball game at the famous Oracle Park and home to the San Francisco Giants. Finish off with a stroll through Golden Gate Park and feel revitalized for the rest of your classic car drive.

6. Oatman, AZ

Your classic car drive must include a trip along Route 66 which will take you into Oatman Arizona. Oatman began as a small mining camp when two prospectors struck gold there. Within a year the population grew to 3500 as people flocked to the area in hopes of making their fortune. This old mining town is full of old world charm, and wild donkeys that roam through the town. These little burros are so used to tourists that they are practically tame.

Brave the stretch of old Route 66 known as Sitgreaves Pass and marvel at the incredible rock formations and stellar views. Step back in time and visit the Oatman Ghost Town to immerse yourself in the history and culture of the place. Great place to shop and pet some donkeys too. Before you leave Oatman, make a pit stop at Cool Springs Station for a bite to eat in a truly unforgettable setting.

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