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6 Important Tips for Preparing Your Car to Be Shipped

Shipping a car is a significant challenge that most people face. Whether you plan to ship it across the country or the border, you need to understand the nitty-gritty before proceeding with your plan.


Shipping a car is a significant challenge that most people face. Whether you plan to ship it across the country or the border, you need to understand the nitty-gritty before proceeding with your plan.

The process involves several crucial things, and you need to pay close attention to each component for successful shipping. Your car is probably one of the most valuable properties you have, and you'd do everything possible to ensure that you ship it seamlessly. Here are six essential tips you should consider.

Put the Vehicles Documents

You need to confirm with the auto transporters that the car you plan to move is yours. In this case, you'll need to gather all car documents in time to avoid the last-minute rush.

The crucial information required is auto insurance, original car title, car registration information, and evidence that you're the car owner, driver's license or passport. Put together all the paperwork to allow for a smooth shipping process.

Wash Your Car Thoroughly

Clean the exterior and interior of your car and ensure it is sparkling clean before you ship it. Check each car part and ensure you clean out all dust and dirt. Dust and wipe all surfaces until they appear clean. When done, organize your car interior by putting every item in the right place.

A thorough cleaning will save you time and money upon delivery. You do not want the car to reach the destination before you start cleaning it. This can be frustrating and tiring, and you may also not have adequate time to clean it in your new location. It is good always to maintain a clean car regardless of what you plan to do with it.

Inspect the Car and Document Any Damages

Sometimes, you may issue a clean car, free from dents and damages, but it could have several damages when it gets to the final destination. While you'll want to use a professional mover to avoid car damages, things happen, and your car could get damaged along the way unexpectedly.

This can cost you money on repairs, or you'll need to seek help from your insurance, which can take you a lot of time. To avoid such challenges:

  • Ensure you inspect your car interior and exterior and document any damages.
  • Check for paint chips, scratches, dents, and discolorations and document them all.
  • When done, please take pictures of your car's current condition and keep the photos safe until the vehicle reaches its destination.

Remove Personal Items

Ensure you remove all personal belongings from your car before shipping it. The shipping process involves many processes, and if you have personal items in the vehicle, you could lose them.

Unfortunately, you'll not be able to claim the lost things because they do not have insurance cover, unlike your car. The items could also get damaged as the vehicle is also tossed.

Additionally, your transporter will require you to remove all personal items because they can pay fines if found with such things during shipping. So, remove your chargers, note pads, GPS, and other personal belongings.

Perform the Necessary Car Maintenance

Car maintenance is another crucial consideration when planning to ship your operable car. Check out for leaks, dents, and damages and repair them before you ship the vehicle. Shipping a leaking car can be disappointing. You do not want to be the one whose car leaks beneath when on transit. A well-maintained car will make the shipping process seamless. You'll be able to drive the vehicle with no hitches.

Lock the Car but Leave the Keys with the Shipper

Once you deliver the car to the auto transporter, you can lock it, but you should leave the key with the transporter. This is because the car will be driven around for loading. If you do not have a spare key, consider getting one before you ship it. It can be risky to give the driver the key if you only have one.

The Bottom Line

The shipping process can be complicated and challenging, especially when you fail to prepare adequately. So, take time and go through the processes keenly to ensure that you put things in order before handing your car over to the shipping company. You do not want things to get complicated once the car reaches its destination.