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Publish Date - October 15, 2019

Author: Dale Peterson

Categories:   Tips & Insights For Car Buying    Auto Loans & Financing    Types of Car Loans   

Advantages of a Direct to Consumer Car Loan is a leading online automotive finance marketplace where consumers with poor, fair, good and great credit get real loans from real lenders without a lot of nonsense.

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Benefits of Direct Financing

As you're conducting research on different financing options to get you a vehicle loan, you may come across some websites that look like a lender when in fact they are a lead generator. is a direct-to-consumer lending platform where we work with dozens of direct lenders who give real offers in real time to the consumer.

Whether you've gotten loans from dealerships in the past or you know that your friends of family have also used the dealer to get financing, you may think that is the easiest way to get a direct loan. Well it’s not – time passes, things change and more and more car buyers are getting direct loans approved before they go into any dealership.

However, take some time to consider the reasons why direct to consumer car loan financing can be the right answer for you

Eliminates a Step

If you've gone thru the long process to get a car loan in the past at a dealership, you've probably spent the better part of the day there. Some people call this the “Penalty Box”. Once you picked out the car you wanted, you may have thought you were done only to discover that you'd spend many more hours at the car dealership. Doing what? Waiting.

For example: listening to additional options for a long-term warranty, or info on special coatings for the paint, and a whole list of other items that you will be asked to purchase. By making a decision to go for a direct to consumer, car loan financing you are able to cut out the middle step. You can smoothly move forward by letting them know that your financing is already approved and provide them with the confirmation info so that they can get your purchase of a car completed.

Offers Multiple Options

When you take out a loan through a car dealership, you will feel as though your options are limited because you only get to see the one offer that the dealer chooses. By going to a multi-lender platform for your car loan you get to choose which offer is best for you.

This direct to consumer type of auto finance can provide you with more possibilities and most important, you get to choose for yourself which one is best for you. Know that programs are available for people with all different types of credit scores. In fact, if you have a low credit score, you might think that you won't qualify for the car loan. Chances are that you will qualify and you could get multiple offers. Having a choice in who you can finance with is a great experience.

Provides Time to Examine

When you receive your loan offers, you can go through them to see which one is the most suitable to your needs. At a dealership, you may very well feel pressured into taking the only loan offer that they present, at the interest rate that they offer. Also, in the event that you have already picked out a car, you may feel that you don't have a choice but to accept their offer. Applying for a direct auto finance loan allows you the appropriate time to review the different possibilities, select terms and choose a lender that you want to work with.

Streamlines the Process

The goal is to make this process of car financing as smooth as possible; however, you may have questions that come up during the financing process. You can work directly with a lender that you choose and get and answers directly from the lending agency - you can more quickly and directly connect with a representative who can assist you to answer any questions that you may have. Choosing a direct to consumer car financing option allows you to have an easier time obtaining the information that you need.

Direct financing is an option that can seriously help you to get a good loan offer and to purchase a car that you want. It’s fast and easy to do so give it a try! is a leading online automotive finance marketplace where consumers with poor, fair, good and great credit get real loans from real lenders without a lot of nonsense.