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Antique Car Loans

Antique Cars and Auto Loans

For many antique car enthusiasts, the decision to buy an antique car is made with the heart rather than the pocketbook. Buying an antique car doesn't mean draining your savings. Antique car loans are readily available; you just need to know where to look and what to look for.

An antique car is usually a memory, a hobby, and sometimes, investment. As in buying any used car, buying an antique car can be a risk.

Antique Car Loan Tip #1

Know all the facts about the antique car before you buy, including whether or not you can afford the antique car.

Antique Car Loans: Asking the Right Questions

Start shopping for an antique car loan by asking the right questions. See if you can pre-qualify for an antique car loan, which will save you from hidden surprises later on. A pre-qualified antique car loan is particularly important when there are special circumstances with your antique car.

What are the differences between qualifying for a new or used car loan and qualifying for an antique car loan? What determines an antique car's value? Answers to these types of questions will help you find the antique car of your dreams. You can apply for an antique car loan at

Antique Car Loans: Determine the Value

Once you qualify or pre-qualify for an antique car loan, the next step is to find and determine the value of the antique car you want. As with any car, research the history of the antique car. Look for obvious alterations and flaws that will impact the value of the antique car. The value of the antique car is important in securing an antique car loan. Check the antique cars status and collectibility for resell value and for finding replacement parts. Once the choice is made, have the car checked by an antique car expert.

Antique Cars: Expectations

Restoring or just keeping an antique car can be an expensive hobby. Be prepared for costly repairs, maintenance and storage. With enough planning, time and money, having an antique car can be relaxing and rewarding pastime.