back to articles | August 13, 2019 | Dale Peterson

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Auto Finance Tips For Young Buyers

Buying a first car is an exciting experience for a young person. It marks independence, individuality, strength and stability. Many young people cannot wait for the opportunity to run out and purchase a car. However, an auto shopper must follow a certain strategic outline in order to be successful in choosing reliable transportation. One should never run out and purchase the first automobile he or she sees. The following are for getting auto finance help and selecting a vehicle that will last for many years:


Save Money

The first thing a young person should do before seeking a new automobile is save money. Younger people do not have established credit. Therefore, lenders will look for a healthy down payment to make them feel more secure about approving auto loans. A good sized down payment also makes monthly payments smaller for the consumer. A good rule of thumb for the young auto shopper is to save money for several months before going on a hunt for a new car. Many lenders will work with $1,000 down payment. However, if the individual can save an amount closer to $3,000, he or she will have more loan options.

Decide on a Make and Model

Before shopping for a vehicle, the shopper should have an idea of his or her desired make and model. The make and model that one chooses, depends on his or her personal preferences. A person who like sports vehicles may want to search for a Chevy Camaro or a Ford Mustang. Someone who wants to conserve gas may opt to shop for a foreign car with a smaller engine displacement. A person who plans on hauling items may prefer to purchase a truck or SUV. The individual should narrow down these selections before searching for a vehicle.

Search for Cars

Once the shopper has saved a fair down payment and knows what kind of car he or she wants, the next step is searching for a car. Shoppers can find cars in the local newspapers, online, and through dealerships. Private sellers sometimes have cars for sale on the side of the road as well. Sometimes people can find better deals from private owners. The most important thing for a consumer to remember is to inspect the vehicle thoroughly before making a decision. The person could take the car to a local mechanic or inspect the important components alone.

Apply for Loans

When the shopper has finally found a vehicle of extreme interest, he or she can begin applying for auto loans. A website called is an excellent place for a young shopper to start looking for help. A company called Horizon Digital Finance operates the website. Its primary purpose is to connect consumers with lenders. The consumer makes out an application and the site returns offers from several lenders. Additionally, a shopper can find insurance premiums, loan information, credit tools, and vehicle history information. The site is a young shopper’s one page stop for all his or her auto finance needs. Interested parties may visit today.