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Auto Financing Rates

Find the Best Auto Financing Rates

The key to finding the best auto financing rates is to know what it is you are looking for. There are different components to an auto loan. Knowing what each stands for will help you find a low auto financing rate.

Compare APR's When Choosing Auto Financing Rates

When comparing auto financing rates, the main element to be concerned with is the Annual Percentage Rate, also known as the APR. The Annual Percentage Rate includes all the fees and expenses involved in the loan. It is all you really need to compare two loans of the same length. The auto financing rate is part of the APR.

What Determines Auto Financing Rates

A financing rate determines what a lender actually makes off of a loan. Therefore, it is most relevant to the lender. When comparing financing rates you should ultimately be more concerned with the APR since it determines how much you will actually be paying.

Another factor that will ultimately determine how much you end up paying for your auto loan financing is the loan term. Auto loans are generally broken down into a set number of months, such as 24 or 36-month loans. The longer the loan payoff period the smaller the monthly payments are. But you must realize that the longer the loan takes to pay off the more interest you pay on it.

Ultimately APR, or annual percentage rate, is what you need to look at when choosing between auto financing rates.