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Auto Shipping

Shipping a New or Used Car

Types of Auto Shipping Companies

There are two types of auto shipping companies; Auto Carriers & Auto Brokers. An auto carrier can be easier to deal with because there are no middlemen involved. However, auto shipping brokers can usually provide you with a lower rate because they typically have a large network of carriers.

It is good to use an auto shipping broker if your primary concern is cost. Do not choose a shipping company to ship your auto based solely on the number of complaints provided from companies such as the Better Business Bureau. Instead, focus on the shipping company's response to the complaint. Therefore, it might be worth doing some initial research to find out just how they perform. Some larger auto shipping companies might appear to have a lot of complaints, when really the actual percentage of problems to the number of autos they ship are far less.

Before you choose an auto shipping company, be sure to do your research. Go to the internet to view carrier profiles and easily research licensing and insurance information. If your auto shipping company is not licensed, or does not carry any insurance, you should probably find out why before you hand them your car.

Auto Shipping Basics

Shipping your auto from a dealer's lot or from some other location is a process that connects consumers, vehicle dealers, and auto shipping companies in the most efficient way possible. Consumers and dealers use auto shipping services to move autos both for themselves and for customers who purchase autos from them. Auto shipping companies are on the internet so you should locate and request that each of the shipping companies that you identify do their best to provide you a quote.

Anyone looking to secure auto shipping within the United States is a candidate to use auto shipping companies. Whether you just bought your dream car at the dealership, on eBay, or a person-to-person transaction and it is 1500 miles away, auto shipping is an alternative to having to go pick it the car.

You can ship as many cars at one time as you can afford. Simply advise in your request for quote the number of autos that you have to ship. You will be able to add as many autos as you wish, as long as they are all originating from and destined for the same area.

Car shape and size is very important to auto shipping companies, especially those operating enclosed trailers. For example, most enclosed trailers cannot ship large SUVs like Ford Expeditions. Perhaps the car has been lowered significantly and might be difficult to get up a trailer ramp. Maybe you are shipping a stretch limo, or an Indy race car, etc. In any case, you must be sure to advise the shipping company so that they understand and can quote you correctly. Auto shipping companies will want to be able to see this when they provide a shipping quote, so they won't have any unwanted surprises and your car won't be delayed in shipment.

Many auto shipping companies offer services for autos that are not running. They may add a small surcharge for this capability. Just make sure you tell them if your vehicle doesn't run.

When you begin your process for getting auto shipping quotes, make sure you advise them of your needs. be sure to include any unusual dates, such as the specified date the auto must be picked-up and also when it must be shipped. However, always be prepared that one of your selected auto shipping companies will not be able to guarantee that the auto will get there on your requested date.

Auto Shipping Prices

Requests for auto shipping quotes are free so make sure you use them. That is the best way to find out auto shipping prices, since so much of what you are paying for is a by mile charge. The longer and more travel required, the higher the price.

To get cheap auto shipping, you may want to adjust your preferred ship dates, the type of trailer you prefer, or provide more information about your vehicle. This may help lower your price.

Auto Shipping Insurance

Auto shipping companies are required to carry liability insurance for the autos they ship, up to at least the value of those autos. It is advisable to continue your own insurance until shipping is completed. If you have purchased the auto from a dealer, their insurance may cover the vehicle until it is shipped and in your possession.