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Publish Date - December 31, 2018

Author: Dale Peterson

Categories:   Buying & Selling Cars    Useful Automotive Information   

Car Buying Worksheet

Worksheet for buying a new car:

Before you negotiate the price of your next new car, use this worksheet to establish the bargaining room for buying a car.

Model __________________________
Base Price__________________________
Transmission: Automatic___Manual___ Dealer Invoice Sticker(MSRP)
Air Conditioning
Engine: Size______

Audio System:
Brakes: Antilock___ Power-assisted___
Power Locks
Seats: Power___ Heated___ Leather___
Rear Window: Wiper___ Defroster___

Wheels and Tires:
Alloy Wheels
All Season Tires

Mirrors and Lights:
Illuminated Dual Vanity Mirrors
Map Lights
Exterior Power Mirrors
Alarm System
Cellular Telephone
Remote Keyless Entry

*You can get the invoice price by looking at the dealer's invoice or reviewing car publications.
*This car buying worksheet has been adapted from the Federal Trade Commission article entitled "Tips for Buying a New Car".