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Exploring Car Insurance Choices at Ft Worth International Airport

Serving the North Texas region, Fort Worth International Airport is the third busiest air hub in the world. Its average annual passenger traffic is about 70 million people, who often use a personal or rental car to travel to/from the facility.


Indeed, you can find multiple Dallas Fort Worth Airport rentals for leisure and business needs and explore the area at your own pace. For example, ACE car rental offers deals to suit every taste with a low budget, Hertz offers a vast assortment of cars (especially EVs), while Enterprise allows you to organize a successful trip immediately upon arrival at the airport as this company is located in the terminal. However, Ace Rent-a-Car in Dallas Fort Worth, and other available companies usually require insurance for a smooth and financially secure journey. Whether you drive a personal or a rental vehicle in Fort Worth, TX consider various types of coverage required for a legal ride and their costs from different providers.

What are the requirements for car insurance in Fort Worth?

As a driver, you can choose between a minimum and full protection plan, which ultimately affects the total annual cost. In turn, each package includes separate types of insurance that provide financial compensation depending on the specific situation and the injured party. Let's look at each case in more detail to determine what suits you best.

Minimum coverage

Typically, companies will provide several options necessary for adequate protection. Although the amounts may vary from state to state, they are required to drive legally. The following protection types should be included in the minimum Fort Worth car insurance plan.

  • Property damage liability. This plan covers expenses necessary to compensate for the cost of repairing (replacing) the vehicle/property of a third party injured in an accident caused by your fault. Road signs, fences, and other structures involved in the incident also fall into this category.
  • Bodily injury liability. If you cause an accident in which someone is injured, this type of coverage will pay for medical expenses.

According to Texas law, the minimum degree of protection can be expressed by a simple formula - 30/60/25. What does it mean? This means you must have at least $30,000 of bodily injury coverage per person and $60,000 per incident, plus $25,000 of compensation for third-party property damage.

In addition, you can optionally purchase Uninsured/Underinsured motorist (UM/UIM) and Personal injury protection (PIP) coverages for car insurance in Fort Worth, TX. UM/UIM will cover your potential financial losses if you are involved in an accident with an uninsured or underinsured driver. At the same time, PIP provides compensation for medical expenses, rehabilitation, and lost wages resulting from an accident, regardless of who is at fault.

Full coverage

If you want to reduce the extent of possible material losses as a result of driving a car, purchase full protection. The main difference between this plan and the minimum one is the availability of compensation in case of damage or theft of your vehicle. That is, in the full insurance package, you will receive liability coverage for injured third-party persons and someone’s property, plus the following options:

  • Collision protection. It compensates for the cost of repairing or replacing your vehicle resulting from damage, even if you are at fault.
  • Comprehensive protection. This plan covers loss and damage to the vehicle resulting from theft, vandalism, natural phenomena, animals, and other force majeure circumstances.

What are car insurance quotes in Fort Worth?

To calculate the total cost, the company evaluates your age, driving experience, and the type and size of your vehicle. In addition, the big difference lies in what kind of coverage you prefer - minimal or full. Finally, different insurers have different pricing policies, which also affects how much you pay in the end. Therefore, consider popular local providers, their terms, and average quotes to make the right choice.

State Farm

As one of the major US insurers, State Farm offers a wide range of packages, plus loyalty programs such as “Drive Safe and Save” and “Steer Clear”. You can purchase their full coverage for an average price of $1,315 per year, the lowest rate for a similar plan among competitors. At the same time, the minimum protection will cost you $447 annually, which is also one of the most affordable prices on the market.


With an average annual premium of $412, Geico provides the cheapest car insurance in Fort Forth in terms of minimum possible protection. Therefore, budget drivers will benefit from working with this company. If you want full coverage, you'll pay an average of $1,481 per year. While Geico can't offer much customization for your package, they do provide additional discounts for government employees, military, and emergency services. Overall, many drivers rate this company highly so they are worth your consideration especially if you are focusing on a cost-effective investment.


The company captivates with its pleasant rewards program, which reduces the cost of insurance depending on the mileage. They also offer discounts if you protect multiple vehicles and if your vehicle has an anti-theft system onboard. On average, full coverage from Mercury costs $1,575 per year, and if you're willing to make do with the minimum package, expect to pay about $498 annually.


With Nationwide, you can drive with peace of mind because the company has all the necessary insurance components. They offer a full annual protection package for $1,610 and include additional services such as gap insurance, total loss deductible waiver, and accident forgiveness. If you need minimum coverage, you'll also get that for $592 per year. What's more, Nationwide provides additional discounts for drivers with a clean record and vehicles with an anti-theft system.


As an insurer with many years of experience, Progressive offers flexible, personalized plans and all-in-one options that cater to drivers of various social and age categories. You get the option to protect the car at full coverage, which costs $1,642 per year, while minimum protection is available for $553 annually. Progressive is an excellent choice not only in Fort Worth - the company operates throughout the United States and makes it possible to pick up car insurance in Dallas TX and thousands of other destinations in the country.

Whether you drive in Fort Worth or Dallas, finding adequate insurance is a priority to ensure your financial security. When choosing a provider, compare different options and see what a specific plan includes. Also, practice safe driving habits - companies reward people who have a clean driving record with additional discounts and pleasant bonuses. As a result, this allows you to get the desired coverage much cheaper than originally expected.