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Cheap Auto Insurance Rates

Tips for finding cheap auto insurance rates:

With the rising price in gas prices and car prices, finding cheap auto insurance has become more important. While auto insurance rates may seem high, there are many ways to lower auto insurance premiums.

Cheap Auto Insurance Tip 1:
Many insurance companies offer a "Good Driver Discount". Insurance companies and states vary on the specifics of who qualifies for a good driver discount. You are usually considered a good driver if you have been licensed for more than 3 years, have not no more than 2 violations on your driving record.

Cheap Auto Insurance Tip 2:
Auto insurance companies also may offer a "Driving Training Discount", which usually applies to teen drivers. Auto accident statistics show teen drivers usually get more tickets and have more accidents due to a lack of experience. Taking a certified driver's training course can help reduce auto insurance rates for teen drivers.

Cheap Auto Insurance Tip 3:
Auto insurance statistics show that students with a 3.0 or better grade point average tend to have good driving records, qualifying them for a "Good Student Discount".

Cheap Auto Insurance Tip 4:
Occasionally insurance companies offer cheap auto insurance for students attending school and living more than a hundred miles away from home if they don't take the vehicle with them.

Cheap Auto Insurance Tip 5:
Some insurance will offer you cheaper auto insurance if you take a "defensive driving" course.

Cheap Auto Insurance Tip 6:
Anti-lock Brakes (ABS). If you vehicle has anti-lock brakes, your insurance company might give you a reduction in rate.

Cheap Auto Insurance Tip 7:
Having the right equipment can substantially lower your auto insurance premium. With the following equipment, you may qualify for cheap auto insurance:
-Anti-Theft Device, such as an alarm system that can be heard at least three hundred feet away for at least three minutes, Active Disabling, which is an alarm you can manually activate a turn-off feature that disconnects the ignition or battery should someone try to steal your vehicle, Passive Disabling, an alarm that automatically engages a device, which disables the ignition, battery or other vehicle feature that a thief would need in order to steal your vehicle.
-Seat Belts and Air Bags are probably necessary to qualify for cheap auto insurance. You may receive an additional credit or discount if you have a driver's side air bag, and yet a further discount if you have dual air bags.