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Clever Tips When You're Shopping for a Car

The two most expensive items that you’ll ever buy in life are typically real estate and vehicles. Because most cars only last 6 or 10 years, you’ll purchase several vehicles in a lifetime. Being smart about your purchasing process is how you’ll find the best deal. Explore a few tips from the experts and shop smart before signing on the dotted line.


Research the Make and Model

Shopping for a car means that you know what you want. With the Internet available to almost all people, go online to perform some research before you head out to a dealer. Consider the features that you need in a car. You might have special considerations, such as:

  • Hauling a big family around town – To and from school trips – Sports activity
  • Have a long commute
  • Towing requirements – outings

Make a list of your wants and needs. This list might even include vehicle loan financing, at competitive interest rates, or special term length. By knowing what you can and cannot compromise on, the shopping part of the process becomes simpler than ever.

Secure Financing

Most consumers work with the car dealership on their financing. It’s just a matter of habit. However, you’ll have better luck with vehicle financing loans from a separate entity or online vehicle loan provider. Look for an auto loan that has multiple lenders available for the borrower with these features, including:

  • Direct lending to the consumer
  • Website provides multiple lending offers that provide “Customer Choice”
  • Special financing tools such as “Guide” or “Calculators” to assist you in your search

These lenders tend to be much more competitive in the vehicle loan financing marketplace. This fact bodes well for consumers like you who want the best deal for their dollar.

Compare the vehicle financing loans that you get out of your loan application. In many cases, the best offer is right in front of you – Especially if you use a multi-lender loan provider (like to finance your auto. Dealership financing typically includes costs that help the business instead of the consumer. You can save a bundle if you have a choice of lenders and you get to choose who you want to work with.

Search Online for vehicle loan financing Deals

Securing a great deal on a car used to involve a lot of face-to-face haggling. Today’s marketplace is completely different. You will find some of the best auto loan deals online, especially if you can get several offers when you apply. Try searching before you go to the dealer but if you do go to the dealership first, remember they will post advertisements on certain vehicles that have been in stock for a long time. They simply want to move them off of the property, so they are competitively priced. That’s great for you – so if you can obtain financing before you go to the lot, then you will come out ahead of the game in the end.

In fact, you might be able to secure a car deal for thousands less than retail pricing. Always look at the entire price of the car. It’s too late if you are focusing on the monthly cost quoted during vehicle loan financing at the dealership – you won’t get a true picture of the entire purchase price, and you will likely pay more than you need to. So just know that getting financing before you head to the dealership is good – if you know the make and model of the car you want, you can get pre-approved and know your costs of financing before settling on the price of the car.

Avoid the Salesman’s Traps

You may have haggled on a price for your dream car. It’s almost time to sign the final documents. However, the dealer has a few features that they’d like to discuss with you. These “add-ons” are features that are typically unnecessary for the average driver. Paint sealants, car mats and other features can be purchased from third parties at a fraction of the cost.

Your concern is to buy the car as it sits on the dealers lot. Consider any extra items after you have the financing is in place – to get the best deal on financing, go online and use a multi-lender platform to find a no markup auto loan. Want to learn more? Try this handy auto finance guide to get yourself started in the right direction.

Be Comfortable With the Word “No”

The majority of auto dealers are honest businesses. They want to please their customers while making a profit. Remember that you can say no whenever you want during the purchasing process. You’re only committed to the vehicle once you sign the official papers.

If the entire purchase isn’t going in a comfortable direction, politely decline any offers and go home. The financing secured can be easily secured with an online lending platform like You can compare offers and select a financing that work best for you and basically be a cash buyer when you go back to the dealership.

Don’t get caught up on vehicle colors or particular features. Remind yourself that certain colors may not be as popular with the public as others, which translates into a purchasing deal for you. Think of the purchase from the dealer’s perspective to gain the best deal on the price of the car but think of a direct to consumer loan to get the best deal on auto financing. At the end of the day, both you and the dealership will be pleased with the transaction.