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Considering the Finer Points of Car Finance

The basics of car finance are not too difficult to understand, but the fact of the matter is, most people do not truly understand how the process works. In its most basic form, a car finance company exists in order to provide loans so that people can buy a car without having to save up all of the money needed to buy one up front. In exchange for this, the car finance company is paid interest on the loan.


The process does get somewhat more complicated than this, however. First of all, most people do not get pre-approved for a car loan when they shop around for a new car. Instead, they approach the dealerships blind. Even so, most people do not pay for cars in cash. They need financing in order to buy a decent car, whether it is new or used. The dealerships and the car finance companies both realize this, and as a result many of them have teamed up.

All car finance companies have partnership agreements with the car dealerships. They will pay the dealership any time that they hook them up with a new customer. The dealership can charge extra interest that gets tacked onto the typical car loan. The end result is that most people end up paying more for their auto loan than they need to.

The best way to go about financing a car is to shop for the car financing before you shop for the car. This way you can avoid the extra costs that are used to compensate the dealership. With the internet, it is very easy to get approved for a car loan in a short period of time through websites such as These sites make it possible to get approved for a car loan before you even start looking at cars. By doing this, you end up saving a great deal of money on interest.

Another advantage of being pre-approved for a car loan is the fact that it lets you know exactly how much you qualify for. With this knowledge, you have a better idea of how to negotiate prices while you are shopping. You can tell them exactly what your limit is, and they will not try to sell you on a car with a higher price. Armed with this knowledge, the process of finding a new car is much simpler, and less stressful.

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