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Convenience of Leasing

Convenience of Leasing vs Buying

Buying a car is such a hassle. You have to deal with smarmy salesmen and difficult financing people. You tie up huge amounts of money with large down payments. Your loan lasts much longer than your warranty does and then you have to worry about expensive repairs. After the car is paid off its value is low due to depreciation. When you want to get a new car you have to search for someone to sell it to or risk trading it in for much less than its worth. It's no wonder people are increasingly turning to leasing as an option.

Why is Leasing More Convenient?

Leasing is all about convenience. The leasing process is designed to make driving the car you want to drive as easy as possible.

  • You only need a small amount of money to lease a new car
  • You only pay for the time you use the car so you aren't dragged down by payments on an ageing vehicle
  • You are driving a car only while under warranty so you don't have to worry about paying for big repair bills
  • When the lease is up, you can return it to the dealer and get a brand new car
  • You don't have to worry about selling the vehicle. You drop it off at the dealer and walk away

It's Convenient to Research Leasing Online

Research the concept of leasing on line. There are lots of sites with great information. Use the Internet to search for the car and lease terms you want. It's convenient and easy. There are lots of resources to explore., for example, offers great leasing research tools you on one convenient site.

  • You can compare the MSRP of different cars you would like to drive with our Auto Values page.
  • You can check to see which manufacturers are offering rebates and incentives
  • Read professional and consumer reviews about the most popular car models
  • Find out the history of a particular used car you are interested in leasing
  • Research how safe the car you want to lease really is by reading Government run crash test reports
  • Discover which manufacturers are issuing recall notices by make, model or year.

The Internet is a convenient way to discover information which can help you negotiate the best lease possible. Here are some leasing research tips:

Convenient Internet Leasing Tips

Check out the manufacturer web site's financing page to source your favorite vehicle. Use the manufactures financial site as one of your lease comparisons. If you want to lease a Ford, go to their web site and use their tools to design a car you would like. Check for any leasing specials or rebates. Save your results for a comparison tool when negotiating your lease.

Comb independent leasing sites for information. One of the best places to find information about leasing is a site like Some sites are specialized by car type which can help narrow your search. Use tools like's auto leasing calculator to figure out your potential lease payments.

Use several sites to develop lease quotes. Always specify the exact same vehicle and equipment for each quote. Print the quote results out and use them to develop your perfect quote.