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Destin, Florida: 13 Must-Do Fun Activities

If you are looking forward to a great vacation, then you should definitely visit Destin. This is a great destination for a fun-filled vacation as it offers friendly weather all year. Most tourists visit Destin because of its amazing white-sand beaches and emerald waters, but the place has a lot to offer everyone.


You can enjoy the delicious seafood in the many restaurants, shopping errands in the city, and tons of entertainment and gaming activities in the resorts found in Destin. Destin is also an ideal destination for you to visit with your kids. Here are some of the must-do fun activities in Destin, Florida.

1. Visit the Gulfarium Marine Adventure Park

The Gulfarium Marine Adventure Park is one of Florida's most visited marine parks. This park is open daily and allows you to interact with the amazing marine life. Some of the aquatic animals found in the park include dolphins, turtles, and alligators.

You can visit the park with your family and get a chance to learn about marine life and how it can be conserved. The charges to the park are also pocket-friendly. You can get admission tickets for upcoming events on their official website.

2. Discover the Destin Harbor Boardwalk

The harbor boardwalk is found right at the heart of Destin City. Taking a stroll along the harbor is one of the top free fun activities you can enjoy in Destin. The Destin Harbor boasts many bars, restaurants, and local shops. You can also enjoy fishing as there are many charter fishing boats.

The beauty of the boardwalk makes it an excellent place to spend your weekend or have an evening walk while socializing with other tourists. You may be lucky to find local events such as Destin Food Festival, usually hosted at the harbor.

3. Spend time at the Gator Beach

Gator Beach is the place to visit if you are looking for a more fun-filled adventure. The beach boasts the world’s biggest alligator park. This is the ultimate place for you to view alligators up close and in a safe way.

The park also gives amazing lessons about alligators while giving visitors a chance to feed them and take photos of these fearsome creatures. You will definitely love spending some time here for absolutely free.

4. Try out the banana boats

This is a perfect adventure with a thrill to try out with your friends while visiting Destin. The banana-shaped boats give you a memorable ride on the emerald waters. These rides usually take an hour, and all you need to do is get a group of four to six friends or family members and enjoy the Destin waters. Be sure to follow boat safety measures if you are going to try out this adventure.

5. Enjoy a sunset cruise

Destin has one of the best sunset views in the country. Sunset cruise trips are common in the area, and many companies offer cruising services daily. The best thing is that you get to see the incredible sunset views and spot dolphins in the amazing emerald waters.

You might be lucky enough to see the majestic dolphins in a closer view. This is a great chance for you to take videos and photos. If you are also looking for a moment to spend time as a couple, this is one of the must-do romantic experiences in Destin.

6. Attend the Maximum Magic Shows

You cannot afford to miss out on these most preferred magic shows in Destin. The show is usually hosted at the Harbor Theatre and showcased by the talented Noah and Heather Wells, who are award-winning magicians of the Merlin award. This is the best place to bring your family for a night filled with comedy, mind-reading, and the world's best illusions.

If lucky, you may get a chance to be picked as a part of the performance. Be sure to get your tickets early, as these magic shows attract a huge audience making tickets sell out fast.

7. Visit the Destin Commons

Destin Commons is the place to be if you are looking for an action-filled day. It is one of the best outdoor complexes in Destin and hosts over 90 stores stocking clothes, furniture, jewelry, and many more items.

This is a perfect place to immerse yourself in a shopping spree. Destine Commons is also home to numerous restaurants, snack stores, coffee shops, and cinemas. Here you can decide to enjoy some great food or some movie time.

8. Spend time at the Crystal Beach

Crystal Beach receives a lot of visitors annually, thus making it a favorite spot in Destin. This beach is cherished for its beautiful cottages and beach houses. Crystal Beach is a lively and great place to enjoy live music performances and other outdoor activities. It also has amenities that are easily accessible. You can also visit the park near the beach; it is absolutely free and perfect for a family picnic.

9. Go Golfing

Florida is well known for great golfers, and Destin is home to amazing golf courses. This is the ideal place for you to perfect your golfing skills. There are a lot of golf courses you can experience in Destin, and they have pro instructors who can help you and your kids learn and furnish your golfing skills.

10. Take a helicopter tour

If you are willing to spend, taking a helicopter tour is one of the must-do activities in Destin. The helicopter tours give you a full ariel view of Destin and the breathtaking beauty of this city. You will have the time of your life taking pictures of the beautiful beaches and emerald waters from above.

11. Visit the Kahuna’s Water and Adventure Park

The Kahuna Water Park has over 50 water attractions modified for every age. This makes it a perfect place to enjoy a sunny day getting splashed with your family. With the numerous waterslides, water lovers are sure to enjoy visiting this park.

12. Visit the Destin History and Fishing Museum

If you are a history geek, this is one of the museums you can’t miss out on your visit to Destin. Most of the city’s history is tied to its amazing waters. The museum showcases and preserves how Destin started as a fishing village in the early 1830s. In this museum, you can learn about how fishing has continued to shape the history of Destin.

The museum has vintage exhibits of fishing equipment and photographs. This is one of the cheapest places you can visit in Destin and an ideal place for both children and adults.

13. Have a beach bonfire

Sitting around the fire on the beautiful beaches of Destin is an amazing way for you and your family to bond and unwind during your vacation. However, you need to hire a company to set up the bonfire for you as there are some permits required.

Bottom line

With the must-do fun activities listed above, you understand why most families prefer Destine, Florida, as their go-to vacation destination. The beautiful beaches and incredible emerald waters continue to attract dozens and dozens of tourists to Destine each year. You are sure to enjoy your stay in Destin by trying out these activities.

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