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Publish Date - October 19, 2020

Author: David Martin

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Does Health Insurance Cover Motorcycle Accident Injuries?

No matter how a safe rider you are, motorcycle accidents happen when you are on the road. A rider may suffer serious injuries and financial burdens from medical bills.

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No matter how a safe rider you are, motorcycle accidents happen when you are on the road. A rider may suffer serious injuries and financial burdens from medical bills.

A severe injury from a motorcycle collision can be disastrous. While health insurance answers some of your medical expenses, you might be facing economic and non-economic losses. They won’t be paying damage to properties, lost earnings, and pain and suffering.

Motorcycle accident settlement takes time to resolve and claims are complex.

Your motorcycle accident lawyer understands these claims. To help you more, the lawyer will appraise your case to see the details of your accident and provide you with options. They will work for your best interest, protecting you against accusations of neglect and qualified fault. A health insurance coverage for a motorcycle does not cover any medical bills, your attorney will work to settle the claim and see to it that you get the most from your plan.

Does Medicare Cover Motorcycle Accidents?

The medical bills of a biker involved in a motorcycle accident may be covered by Medicare. However, a medical institution, doctor, physical therapist, laboratory, and more doesn’t need to charge Medicare instead they can get payment from your future liability settlement.

It is important to give your Medicare information to the hospital staff after a motorcycle mishap. If Medicare covers your hospital bill, they can recoup what they paid with a claim from your liability settlement.

Medicare can reject payment of hospital expenses in the event that you have recently settled an earlier personal injury issue, given that Medicare paid your clinical costs for a similar injury. In any case, Medicare can deny future payment up to the maximum amount of the settlement.

Also, Medicare can deny paying the rider if there is a primary payer, insurance coverage, that will shoulder the hospital expenses.

What Does Health Insurance Cover?

During Trump’s presidency, the Affordable Care Act of Obama was repealed, leaving more Americans without health insurance.

If you were one of those Americans in a recent motorcycle accident, you must depend on your motorcycle insurance and the other driver’s insurance.

For those with health coverage, immediately call your health insurance provider. Determine your plan’s deductible and how your copay works. So you can assess how much money will come out of your pocket.

After the accident record all expenses that apply to your health insurance coverage. Jot down doctor’s visits, medications, lab tests, and other hospital expenses for a complete list of your settlement expenses.

Most health insurance providers extend some coverage to riders in a motorcycle mishap. The amount relies on deductibles, copays, and policy, you have to shoulder some expenses before the plan kicks in.

Not all medical expenses, will be covered by the provider after the collision and they will certainly not pay for your other losses such as:

  • Damage to property
  • lost salaries
  • lost trips
  • physical pain
  • emotional distress
  • general expenses

You need health insurance if your motorcycle insurance does not cover medical expenses. The health insurance provider will claim payment from your settlement money while the motorcycle insurance company does not expect any refund.

What Happens If I Don't Have Health Insurance?

According to the United States Census. there were 27.5 million people who did not have health insurance in 2018 an increase of 7.9 percent from 2017’s 25.6 million people.

Without health insurance, hospitals are not obligated to treat motorcycle injuries except in emergencies. However, the injured is required to sign a medical lien stating that any unpaid bills will be claimed from the settlement money before you receive the funds. Some medical providers will require a document from your motorcycle accident lawyer confirming the amount you owe and the payment agreement. Upon settlement, your attorney will send payments to medical providers and the remainder will be disbursed to you.

Doctors have the right to deny medical care to people without insurance or cannot pay cash for health-care services.

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) requires health insurance coverage to access free preventive care. Preventive care will spot maladies at an early stage and treated before it develops into a critical health issue. It can lead to successful treatment and reduced medical costs.

A patient without health insurance will be in debt resulting in a poor credit rating or even bankruptcy. The absence of health insurance disallows medical treatment that will aggravate the health condition of a patient.