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Essential Road Trip Planner Gadgets and Apps for Long Trip

Planning a trip can be quite challenging. There's a lot to manage, such as flight and car rental reservations, confirming accommodations like hotels or Airbnbs, and scheduling activities.


Planning a trip can be quite challenging. There's a lot to manage, such as flight and car rental reservations, confirming accommodations like hotels or Airbnbs, and scheduling activities. Amidst all the planning, it's easy to lose track, misplace reservations, or even forget to make them in the first place. Use this blog as a trip planner, or rather a container with trip planners. There are gadgets and apps here to help optimize your itinerary and make your journey smoother.


TripIt has an impressive user base of nearly 20 million, and it's easy to understand why. The convenience it offers is undeniable. When making a reservation, simply forward it to to effortlessly add it to your itinerary. Accessible both online and offline, you can view your itinerary at any time. Uploading documents is a breeze with TripIt, as it accepts various file types, including PDFs, photos, boarding passes, and digital QR codes.

Jump Start

Avoid being stuck with a dead battery. Get yourself a portable jump starter, equipped with a battery pack so you won't have to rely on flagging down another car in the middle of nowhere. Make sure to charge it fully before you start your journey. Choose the model that is suitable for most cars and midsize SUVs.

Friendly advice! What if I told you that you can travel in a new car? It is enough to get a car loan on favorable terms. In this case, your road trip will pass with completely different sensations.


Roadtrippers stands out as a practical and highly popular app for planning road trips. With this app, you can conveniently map out your journey, enjoying the freedom to add up to seven waypoints for free or 150 with a Roadtrippers Plus account. Collaborate with loved ones as you explore the best stops along your route. Uncover national parks, quirky roadside attractions, and iconic or underrated hotels for overnight stays. The app covers lodging, sights, outdoorsy destinations, restaurants, activities, shopping, fuel, and more across the U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and beyond.


HotelTonight stands out as one of our top-rated apps for booking hotels. Whether you're unable to plan or prefer a last-minute reservation, HotelTonight simplifies the process. You can even reserve accommodations up to 100 days in advance if you're organized. With HotelTonight, you have access to a wide range of options, including luxurious hotels and charming boutiques. The app offers three search categories: Basic, Hip, and Luxe, making it effortless to find the perfect hotel. You can search by city, or attraction, or even look specifically for pet-friendly spots. HotelTonight operates worldwide, with coverage in Europe, Latin America, and Asia, and provides genuine ratings and reviews from guests. Don't forget to check the Daily Drop for exclusive offers and additional discounts.

Think about this: When you stay at a hotel with friends, relatives, or family, do you want them to see your Netflix history? If not, go to Netflix and delete it beforehand. Plus, you'll need a VPN to access your library while traveling. Otherwise, due to geographic restrictions, some content may not be available.


Rome2rio, aptly named, has been an invaluable ally as my family prepares for my brother's upcoming wedding in Italy. With just a destination entered into the app, you can easily access travel information curated specifically for your chosen location. Discover an array of travel options for over 160 countries, including flights, trains, buses, and ferries, with even car rental assistance available. Rome2rio collaborates with top airlines and Amtrak to get you where you want to go while securing the best prices. Moreover, besides aiding in finding accommodations, the app offers exciting activity suggestions to ensure a bustling itinerary.

Google Maps

Google Maps stands as the ultimate navigation app for all road-trippers. It outshines its competitors by a factor of six, thanks to its extensive data and meticulous attention to detail. By factoring in road conditions, traffic patterns, and distance, it consistently generates the most optimal directions.

With Google Maps, you have the freedom to choose from various routes and receive precise time estimates for your destination. Additionally, the app allows you to plan multiple waypoints along your journey. Whether it's a refreshing mid-morning coffee stop or a highly-rated hotel for an overnight stay, you can conveniently check out reviews right within the app.


Get ready for any road adventure with AAA's convenient road excursion kits. These kits come packed with essentials like band-aids and batteries. Designed for outdoor enthusiasts, they even offer a winter road safety edition complete with a shovel and fleece gloves.


Your road trip is not immune to the unexpected, but you can be prepared for it. In particular, check that all parts of your vehicle are in good condition. If it is technically not in the best condition, morally obsolete, or just tired of you, you can always take a car loan. Everything else will help you plan the apps on the list so you get the perfect itinerary and find a place to stay for the night.