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Everything You Need to Know About Motorcycling in Zion National Park

A motorcycle tour through Zion National Park provides one of the best ways to experience the geologic wonder. Zion National Park has picturesque and majestic landscapes that you can enjoy from the back of your motorcycle.


A motorcycle tour through Zion National Park provides one of the best ways to experience the geologic wonder. Zion National Park has picturesque and majestic landscapes that you can enjoy from the back of your motorcycle.

The motorcycle touring ensures a more intimate experience where you can soak and savor the epic glory of this incredible park. Are you planning your next great motorcycling tour? Here is everything you need to know to make your Zion National Park trip successful.

The best time for motorcycling through Zion National Park

Zion National Park is an incredibly beautiful place to be all year round. It means that there is no bad time to take your motorcycle tour. However, keep in mind that the park is often very crowded from March to October. Thus, if you are okay with crowds, March to October is the best season for you.

However, if you do not appreciate crowds, avoid spring break and holiday weekends, as the park will be packed to the brim. During the off-peak seasons, you will find many open roads that guarantee maximum enjoyment as you will not struggle with traffic.

General Rules for Motorcycling in Zion National Park

All park roads in Zion National Park are curvy and well-maintained. These exceptional roads provide the perfect atmosphere for biking. However, before you embark on your tour, you must know the most vital rules to follow. Below is a list of these motorcycling rules:

  • Zion National Park allows only non-commercial motorcycles in the park.
  • Weekly passes that permit motorcycle owner to visit Kolob Canyons, Kolob Terrace Road, and Zion Canyon is $30.
  • Motorcycles are allowed on all park roadways, off-trail routes, and all park trails.
  • You must have a valid motorcycle driver's license to tour Zion National Park. Also, an endorsement for operating the motorbike is a must.
  • Motorcycle riding should be on the right side of all park trails and roads.
  • Motorcyclists must ride in groups of less than six. This limitation is because large groups may prevent cars from passing them safely, especially on narrow park roads. If you are taking a motorcycle tour in groups of more than six, split the group and have a quarter-mile separation between the groups.
  • Always wear protective gear, such as a helmet.
  • Do not feed wildlife in Zion National Park.
  • Watch for road closures due to ice, snow, floods, or rock slides.

Top Scenic Motorcycling Routes to Take in Zion National Park

Motorcycling through Zion National Park offers you the space and time to take in park areas that you cannot enjoy if you take a shuttle bus. It is because you can make stops at whatever area you like and take a moment to enjoy the scenic views. Here are some of the top scenic motorcycling routes that you should consider taking:

Kolob Canyons Road

Kolob Canyons is a majestic and incredibly beautiful section of Zion National Park. It features several scenic red rock views and many tail heads. This road runs for 5 miles and is open for most of the year. However, you can find it closed during winter due to ice and snow.

Kolob Canyon Road features incredible waterfalls, streams, and sandstone peaks. A motorcycle ride through this panoramic route offers the perfect opportunity to collect special memories. Some of the fun stops you can include the following:

  • La Verkin Creek Trail: This trail features majestic Kolob Arc, Timber Creek, and Kolob Canyons views.
  • Taylor Creek Trail: This trail features the Double Arch Alcove, Kanarraville Fold, and narrow box canyon.
  • Timber Creek Overlook Trail: This trail features the Pine Valley Mountains, Kolob Terrace, and Kolob Canyons.

Zion Canyon Scenic Drive

Zion Canyon Drive is a 54-mile road that will take you through famous landmarks like Twin Brothers Mountain, the Court of the Patriarchs, and Angel's Landing. You can take this route on your own from December to February.

However, during the peak season, you must use the shuttle for a part of this scenic drive. When the shuttles are not running, this scenic drive will be available for motorcycle riding to the public. One thing to note is that parking lots and pullouts for hikes on this route often fill up quickly. Thus, make sure to start your day early and plan ahead.

Zion-Mount Camel road

Zion-Mount Camel Road is a 14-mile route that will take you through Zion National Park. This route connects the park's east side to Kolob Terrace Road and Zion Scenic Drive. Motorcycling through Zion-Mount Camel Road is allowed throughout the year.

On this route, you can take time to marvel at the amazing Mt. Carmel Tunnel that stretches for more than one mile. Other amazing stops to take along this road are the Checkerboard Mesa and the Canyon Overlook Trail.

The Canyon Overlook trail features a scenic view of the entire canyon. On this route, you can also enjoy the bighorn sheep. During July and October, you can easily spot the lamb's mating. Make sure to ride carefully along this route and enjoy the wildlife.

Kolob Terrace Road

Kolob Terrace Road is not as famous as the Zion Canyon Scenic Drive. However, it has many stunning and wondrous views, from the majestic South and North Guardian Angels to the golden valleys. This route stretches for 25 miles and offers the best scene to enjoy views of different kinds of birds.

The Kolob Terrace features the most famous canyons in Zion National Park, the Left Fork of North Creek. You can also stop at Lava Point and camp there; the lava point is the highest region in the park. It is the perfect place to take memorable pictures.

Motorcycle riding on Kolob Terrace Road provides a unique experience and is the best way to escape crowds. One thing to keep in mind is that this route is very primitive. You will not find any services in the area. Thus, prepare for a breakdown and have water, food, and fuel. Also, during winter, the upper section of this road is not plowed; hence it will be inaccessible by motorcycles.

Summing it up

Motorcycling through Zion National Park presents the perfect opportunity to enjoy the panoramic views of this park. Ensure you follow the above general rules for a safe tour around the park. Also, keep in mind that some sections of the park are very primitive and lack general services, so always be prepared for anything while on the road.

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