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Getting Your Next Car Loan Online

You’ve never been late on any payment. You keep your FICO credit score immaculate. You pay that phone bill you probably should dispute. You do everything right, and still some lenders still say that you’re not qualified for your car loan at the “well qualified” interest rate — basically you can’t get the good interest rate and will need to pay a higher interest rate to buy the car you want. And God help you if you’re self-employed — I know a lot of people with that frustration personally.


We think that some of the banks that took the government bailout still aren’t lending as often as they could; it just does not seem fair, they know it, and they probably don’t care.

You could try a dealership car loan — but their interest is to see you pay as much as possible, not get you a deal. Some unscrupulous dealers hit you with backdating, penalties, hidden fees, and variable interest rates that should be considered illegal. Well guess what, because of the new economic crisis legislation, they actually are — but only for banks. An unscrupulous car salesman or dealership can still do whatever he or she wants.

Enter the internet and

The methods of borrowing money are constantly evolving, and it’s in all our best interests to evolve with it. Today, there is no reason to put yourself under the thumb of any dealership F&I manager, as actually has lenders work for your business. When you apply with a bank or a car dealer for a car loan, you generally get one offer, their terms, take it or leave it. You are so deep into the car buying process that you are not going to walk away. However, when you apply with, you get multiple offers (up to 4) from different sources, who now have to compete for your business, driving down your cost of borrowing money. Also, good credit is rewarded as it should be — the better your credit score, the more and better offers you receive. Then you can choose which is best for you, not someone behind the desk, looking to get the highest interest possible. This might prove helpful as well – car buying tips.

For starters, is a BBB accredited business with an A+ rating, an absolutely essential distinction in the financial sector. Their site integrity is preserved by GeoTrust, the best in the business when it comes to online security. You can trust your information is safe with the business, and safe from predatory outside sources.

Finding out about is easy — check out this 30 Second Video for an entertaining and informative introduction. We hope to serve you soon, and best of luck getting your new car!

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